How to Be a Curvy Model

  • Amy Bebbington

How to be a curvy model? is a question that is asked regularly by curvaceous, fuller figures. It takes a lot of determination, confidence and persistence to succeed in the high fashion industry that is competitive and favours the slimmer model. Many plus models have fought to carve the way for other voluptuous individuals and change the face of the industry.

If you too have the courage to challenge the modelling world and prove that fuller figures are beautiful, sexy and feminine it is important to follow the necessary steps on how to become a curvy model. By moving through the correct channels in the plus size sector you will be able to make a difference and speak out about how the industry needs a diverse image to inspire society.

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Plus Size Modelling Agencies Do Exist

The most productive way of entering the modelling industry as a curvy hopeful is via a plus size modelling agency. Their connections and links within the modelling field will significantly help your transition into the industry much easier. A model agency will have formed networks with brands such as Evans, Simply Be and Curvissa. However, it takes a lot of hard work to become signed to an agency as the competition is fierce and the amount of applicants is huge.

The agents who are in control of the selection process will decide very quickly whether a plus size model is successful or not. Therefore, a mistake cannot be made as this will go against you. First research the agencies that host plus size departments or specialise in the expansion of the plus size industry and locate the organisations that appear trustworthy. Do not rush this process as you do not to spend time being signed to an establishment that is ran by scam artists. Thorough research will prevent this from happening and ensure that your safety is not at risk. Secondly, find the application process and begin to fill out the necessary form taking your time to fill it out perfectly giving yourself the best chance possible.


The Application Process

The application will most likely ask for contact details, measurements and a series of images shot by a professional photographer. Using a shot from your modelling portfolio is a great idea! Some just like a headshot or body shot so make sure you check first. Ensure that you type your information in clearly and truthfully as a wrong email address may leave you uncontactable. Never lie giving false statistics as you will be found out eventually and ensure that the shots uploaded are professionally taken.

Take time over the form as it is the first impression that an agent will have of you. Trust us, you will you want it to be a good one. Be proud and confident that the application will win you a place at the agency.

Most plus size agencies also host walk in sessions. These allow for curve models to visit the establishment during a specific time slot to be evaluated. Check the website for the time frame available to avoid disappointment. Agencies are extremely busy. They will not have time to see you if you sporadically turn up at the wrong time. Be organised and check the website first before setting out for the day. Each agency will be different so do not note down each one to avoid confusion.


Models That Lead the Way

The likes of Ashley Graham, Candice Huffine and Robyn Lawley are well known for voicing their opinions. Their social media account is the perfect platform to speak out and be heard.  Models like these have posed in photoshoots for fashion magazines such as Vogue as well as other popular publications like Sports Illustrated. Ashley Graham famously fronted the cover of their swimsuit issue. This is a great step yet many wish to witness a fairer representation on the catwalk at New York, Paris and London fashion week. Different body shapes should definitely be the norm rather than the latest trend. The typical supermodel is overly slim, which definitely does not reflect society. 

Rejection Is a Reality

Please be aware that the world of fashion is extremely competitive. Rejection is unfortunately part and parcel of the profession. Yet a strong, confident and persistent model will continue to strive for their goal refusing to let negativity phase them. A positive mind and thinking is the way forward and the future for plus size modelling.

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