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  • Amy Bebbington

Plus size modelling competitions are designed by brands and agencies who cater for curvaceous figures. The label such as SimplyBe is constantly seek new talent to front their campaigns and promote their clothing. Magazines join the search too launching their own competitions aimed at fuller figures and to spread awareness. One strategy to find potential models is to host plus size modelling competitions to expand their reach and locate aspiring hopefuls. The prize can range from a modelling contract to a feature in a magazine to a cash giveaway depending on the host. Many competitions aim to spread the awareness of voluptuous figures giving hope to those who dream to join the modelling industry.

plus size modelling competition

The rules of the competitions vary depending on those designing the strategy. Some may require for individuals to send in photographs, upload poses to social media along with a hashtag or attend an event where you may be asked to showcase your ability to model by taking to the runway. Check to see if you need to register for the modelling competition before entering, so ensure that you read all requirements carefully before proceeding. Avoid arriving at a competition without registering or failing to attach your contact details or photographs as this may jeopardise your chance. Remember these competitions are viewed and targeted worldwide and therefore, there will be a huge amount of rivals to compete against so ensure that your entry is perfect. Earlier this year, SLiNK – a plus size magazine – launched a competition to find the next ‘plus sizes supermodel’ with a generous prize to appear on the cover of the publication and in the fashion spread. As you can imagine the response was incredible and in the first week the magazine received 1,500 entries; surely a difficult task for the editors to choose one winner as the competition continued and spiralled.

plus size modelling competition

Rivkie Baum, Editor of SLiNK stated: “So many agencies and brands are moving into the plus size market it is a really exciting area to be operating in and we all feel that this competition and one that is opened up to such a varied size range is a really positive thing for the industry. The fact that the dress size range is so varied and open to women in so many countries means that this is one of the most open competitions in the modelling industry for a long time.”

She continued: “I hope it reminds women that there are opportunities in modelling at a range of sizes, size 6 and 8 isn’t the standard anymore, women can represent at a host of different sizes. We are so excited at the prospect of finding a global super star like the likes of Robyn Lawley or Candice Huffine.”

plus size modelling competition

As a result the entrants were of an extremely high calibre as the women took the competition extremely seriously, which is the way to approach the reach out to new talent. Those who did not carefully think about how their image looked to a trained eye will have not been considered as a potential winner.

Keep a close look out for competitions released on fashion brand and magazine websites along with their social media platforms. It could be the beginning of your modelling career. Good luck!!!!

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