eFolios Are Dead – Model eBooks Are the Future

  • Melissa Keen

What is an Efolio?

An eFolio – also known as a modelling portfolio – is a great way to showcase your potential to modelling agencies and brands.

While a typical portfolio is a folder with hard-copies of printed photos, and eFolio is an online version. As most things in life become electronic, the eFolio is a great way to update your modelling portfolio, allowing you to quickly send it to prospective employees and also enables you to edit and update it with ease.

And that’s not all. The eFolio also contains your modelling credentials and other vital information like measurements and experience (think of it as like a CV for models). This information could mean the difference between landing a job and being passed over for a more experienced alternative.

Why Do I Need an eFolio?

An eFolio shows you are serious about your modelling career. This updated and modern way of showcasing your skills makes life for both yourself and for your casting agent much easier. Hard portfolios can be space-consuming and cumbersome, while the eFolio is a much slicker and more convenient way to get your details to the right people.

It’s also a great way to help you stand out from the masses. A polished, up-to-date eFolio will look very professional and help agencies and casting agents to see your potential.

Self-marketing and self-promotion are important ways to get jobs as a model. The rise of social media in particular has enabled models to use the internet to create an online presence and get themselves noticed.

An eFolio also gives you plenty of control over what people’s first impression of you as a model is. While it’s nice to have a hard-copy of your portfolio for in-person meetings, an online version is flexible enough to be sent almost immediately anywhere in the world at the click of a button. 

Do I Need Modelling Experience?

The good news is – no! You don’t need any experience to create a fantastic eFolio.

 This does mean that, if you do have no modelling experience, you will have less professional photos and you will therefore need to be even more careful about selecting you eFolio shots. Selfies and camera phone images won’t cut it – you need high-quality, professional photos that will stand up against shots taken by brands. With no experience, this means you’ll need to organise getting some photos taken at a professional photoshoot.

 This isn’t as scary as it sounds – in fact, it’s a brilliant opportunity not only to get some amazing photos but also to get some solid experience in front of the camera and in a professional photoshoot environment. While hiring a traditional photographer is an option, a better decision is to find a studio that works specifically with modelling. This way you will get an authentic experience and have the opportunity to work with people in the industry who will be able to provide you with plenty of tips and tricks to improve your modelling.

How Do I Get Started?

 Finding the right studio can be a nightmare. You want people who know what they are doing who have lots of experience in the field and who can guide you along the way.

 That’s where UK Models come in. We provide a professional service for models looking for a high-quality online portfolio that they can use in the industry.

How Can UK Models Help?

 UK Models has plenty of experience working with models and helping them find work in a notoriously difficult industry. Their photoshoots provide models with the whole experience of a professional shoot – including hair and make-up application by pros.

 Get in contact now by filling in the form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to book your photoshoot.

The Layout of Your eFolio

 The overall layout and presentation of your portfolio are vital to get right. Beautiful images will be lost in unattractive layouts. A format that is clear, concise and professional is the best way to showcase your images and really help them to stand out.

 If your e-folio is messy or unclear, industry experts will not spend any more time perusing it. This is also why image order is important, too. You must grab their attention from the moment they see the e-folio. Don’t leave your best images to the last page, as a time-conscious viewer may not even get there if you haven’t captured their interest from the offset.

How to Maintain Your Modelling eFolio

 It’s important that you keep your modelling portfolio as up-to-date as possible. This includes getting rid of outdated images and replacing them with newer ones.

 Be selective about the images you show in your e-folio. It’s not about squeezing as many photos of yourself as you can into it – it’s about carefully selecting the images that most show your potential as a model and that show your range. Do not include any shots that don’t do you justice.

Think carefully about the model you wish to portray. Think about brands and images that you love and aspire to. You also need to think about your

It’s not just the images that need updating. Your model information like your name, weight, height and other measurements should all be as accurate as possible. We all fluctuate and you will likely grow a couple of inches if you started modelling young. It’s important to keep this information as correct as possible – not doing so many lose you a modelling job. 

Staying Safe Online

 Having an e-folio opens your world to a whole set of different opportunities. However, as with everyone who contacts you via the internet, it is important to verify information sent by any potential brands or employees to ensure they are legitimate.

A brand or agency who contacts you via or because of your e-folio will be more than happy to supply their credentials and provide proof that they are who they are. Ensure you research the person and the company by looking up their information for yourself. Don’t call numbers or write to e-mails they provide. Ensure you find the proper website and contact them via their official contact information for verification.

It’s easy to get excited and overlook this step, but it is a vital one for anyone who is contacted by someone they don’t know via the internet. Spending a short amount of time to verify brands and people will help protect you from unwanted scams and potential danger.

Model eBooks

 A model eBook is like an e-folio but better. The eBook is like an online magazine and can showcase even better high-quality images than those found in an e-folio.

Find out more about how to get an eBook here.

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