Boy Models: This One’s For You

  • Claire Louise

With the fashion scene edging towards a more boyish look, the face of the runway is younger than ever. Teenage boys are hired for their quirky features with a much more alternative image than previous years. Tall, slim and chiseled jaw lines are favoured becoming a huge hit with new and established designers.

It’s Not Just for Girls

Young male models can often feel overlooked in the modelling industry. The fashion world often seems tailored to girls, and yet there is indeed a demand for male models. A lot of young men are starting to take an interest in the fashion world with teen models fronting major campaigns and magazines. With a whole fashion week dedicated to gender and an androgynous movement in full swing the increase in opportunities for young males is incredible.


Young Males Models of the Moment

Kit Butler

At just 19, Kit has mastered the skill of modelling with his natural charm, undeniable charisma and handsome look. With his quintessentially British style he’s scored roles with Church’s, Armani and Ralph Lauren.

Rocco Ritchie

Madonna’s son has caught the eye of Adidas and Alexander Wang. First sporting a peroxide blonde hair style, Rocco now favour a buzzcut that gives him an edge like no other.

Lennon Gallagher

Another celebrity son making waves in the fashion scene with his distinctive eyebrows – inherited from his father – piercing blue eyes and mop of hair is Lennon Gallagher.

The Parents Role

It is often a misconception that ‘boys can take care of themselves’ yet parents still need to be on high alert to protect their son. Male teens can easily be exploited with sexual advances, little pay and long working hours and therefore, it is up to the parents to support and guide their son.

Models under 18 need their parents signed consent before being signed to an agency or take part in a show or shoot. Unfortunately, in some cases the agents are to blame for mistreatment of their models so it is extremely important that you find the correct organisation.


Underneath the glamour and glitzy front is a world where young, innocent hopefuls are overworked, underpaid and treated unfairly. Make sure you stand up for your son and find the trustworthy individuals in the industry. Do not sign the form until you are 100% happy with the conditions.

There will be no chance of you (if you’re the model in question), or your child (of it’s your son), ever being behind on all of the latest fashion trends. Depending on the level of experience or the nature of their contract, boy models may even get free or discounted clothing to take home with them. Always double check that this gift is not the only payment that you will receive for the modelling role. Check the terms and conditions thoroughly.

Be Aware of Male Objectification

Unfortunately, in society men are looked at differently to women. Male objectification is a real issue that is overlooked time and time again. To ask a female to strip to their underwear is highly inappropriate (unless this is the agreed nature of the shoot) however, for males it is deemed acceptable.

A young male put in this situation may feel uncomfortable but feel pressured to keep the role. It is just as inappropriate to ask this of a man and a boy should be able to decline. As the parent it is vital that your soon feels happy in this role keeping an open dialogue and interrupting where necessary. Always attend the shoots and shows as 15 and 16 year olds is a very vulnerable age.


Why Choose Modelling?

Modelling is a great career path with a lot of scope. Top boy models can be huge earners, earning thousands of pounds per shoot or campaign. Even if you don’t see a long-term future in this kind of work, that can undoubtedly come in handy for things like college or a mortgage in future. It can be a nice little nest egg right there!

Travel the World

Models get the chance to travel. Just like other kinds of models, there are plenty of opportunities to see new places – for free. Again, always check the contract to understand what the company will be paying for. It is easy to get swept away in the excitement of travelling to New York or Paris yet who will be footing the bill. Is it an all expenses paid trip, will it be deducted from your wage or are you expected to pay?  Even if you’re just getting a taste for London or Manchester, they may well be cities far from home!

Do You Have the Confidence?

Modelling is a great chance to gain confidence. A lot of young people struggle with this as teen years can be a time of insecurity, anxiousness and worry especially being trust into the competitive fashion world.

Keep close communication with your son to understand how they are feeling and whether they are enjoying their new role. It is a lot to take in but with their parents support it will be much easier.


A Beneficial Experience

It’s great work experience! Models can be really, really young when they start, giving them a taste of the world of work long before any of their friends. When it comes to writing a CV at a later stage, they can put many of the transferable skills they learned from modelling on paper, even if they no longer want to model. Everything from timekeeping right through to networking is covered, meaning that you’re miles ahead of your peers.

Boy models get the chance to meet all kinds of people, at a time where other kids may well only have school friends and their immediate family in their close circle. It’s a great chance to experience some cultural diversity.

Whether you’re an aspiring young male model, or you’re a parent whose son wants to give something new a go, modelling is a lot of fun and an incredible experience when you get in right!

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