17 Year Old Models Rise to Fame

  • Amy Bebbington

17 year old male models are wanted by the fashion industry. Model scouts and agents are always seeking young hopefuls to transform into the next big thing. The fashion industry is a forever evolving arena with new faces gracing the catwalks and advertising campaigns each season. Agencies and designers never settle in one place for long constantly finding new ways to express their creativity. Few are spotted randomly whereas most work hard to get spotted. With the explosion of social media and Instagram in particular the scope has widened considerably. Social media platforms provide a stage for new talent to self promote free of charge and for the public to witness.

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Take a look at the 17 year old male models who have successfully carved an incredible career.

Lucky Blue Smith

Meet the 17 year old with peroxide blonde hair and piercing blue eyes in all his six-foot-two inch glory. There is no wonder why the likes of Tom Ford, Moncler and Calvin Klein Jeans have fell for his charm. The insta-stud has welcomed a HUGE following on Instagram; a frenzy of teenage girls desperate for a glimpse. A model scout first noticed Lucky Blue at the tender age of 10 and was signed at 12. Since he has wowed the fashion world walking for Michael Kors, Versace and Fendi.

Charles Levi

Hailed as the “young Leo (DiCaprio)” Charles was found via his selfie uploads on Instagram; a prime example that the social media platform has become a modern portfolio for aspiring models. Photographer, Richard Sawyer spotted the model potential uploading some of his own pictures to his Instagram. He of course, got permission from Charles first. His predictions came true when Jaime McHugh from the Chadwick Modeling Agency offered him a place.

Luka Sabbat

He claims that the highlight of his career was working for the likes of Kanye West; a figure he has looked up to throughout his teenage years. A great achievement considering he entered the modelling world accidentally at 15 years old. Working for likes of Vogue and i-D his exposure to the fashion world at a young age paid off. His mother was a stylist for John Galliano and Dior and his father designed clothes in Paris. Recognised for his signature curly hair the now 18 year old has so much to offer the modelling industry.

It’s clear that the fashion industry is full of young talent with many 17 year old male models gracing fashion shows. When approached by an agency or model scout please act cautious to avoid becoming part of a scam. Charles Levi was approached via Instagram with an email address, which of course turned out to be legit. However, research the company first to find out their reputation in the industry. Excitement and desperation can take over so please investigate further first. A quick internet search can easily highlight predators who are preying on young individuals. If unsure please find support before taking action.

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