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  • Amy Bebbington

Be a model in London today! Why not? What’s stopping you? Fear? Nerves? Relocating to the big smoke is an important decision that needs to be well thought out and considered – don’t get me wrong. But if modelling in the capital is your big career dream then don’t hide behind fear as an easy escape route. Know what you are getting into and make a plan.

Alternatively, if you already inhabit the city yet have not worked up the courage to begin your model journey the same applies. Begin. Now. If you don’t try then you will never know. Take a look at the realities of modelling to see whether you actually have what it takes to succeed.

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It’s Harder Than It Looks

Modelling demands a lot of hard work. Long hours, early starts and late finishes are a regularity. Delivering the perfect pose takes body awareness and confidence that is difficult to portray as a new model. It is fiercely competitive and difficult to get your first break. Hard work, persistence and perseverance are qualities that the industry demands.


Get Signed to a Model Agency

A modelling agency is the perfect way for fashion models to find work in London. It might take some time to find a modelling agency but be persistent. Successful models do not hang around waiting for agents to scout them. They reach out by completing application forms or going to walk-ins to ensure that they are chasing their dream. Agents are always looking for new faces and yours could be just what they’re searching for.

There Is a Lot of Waiting Around

On modelling jobs such as photoshoots and catwalk shows there is a lot of waiting around. Whether you are waiting to get your make-up applied, hair styled or for the photographer to set up you must be patient. Take a book or magazine to read to fill the time as you probably won’t be going anywhere fast. If you are booked for a couple of shows per day at New York Fashion Week for example (yes, London models do travel) there will be super hectic moments followed by calm.

It’s Not 9-5

The modelling industry doesn’t work on a set routine like other full time jobs. It demands flexibility and an easy going attitude. Female and male models constantly have to work towards your next role by attending a lot of castings. Only supermodels who work for Vogue, Elle Magazine  or Chanel can guarantee regular work. The reality for commercial models is that you have to go out and grab that next opportunity each time.


London Is Expensive

Rent, bills, food – the list is endless – all add up. Living in the capital will not be easy due to the expense. Plan ahead and save some money before you move to make the transition as smooth as possible. Enquire whether your friends have a spare room and never move to the city on a whim as the careless attitude will cut your modelling career short.

Build a Thick Skin

Rejection is rife in the industry so ensure that you are ready. It is not easy to be constantly turned down yet at first expect a lot of rejection. Building a confident, thick skin is necessary to avoid being swallowed by the industry.

You Don’t Always Get Paid

Unfortunately, new models need experience and therefore, may need to accept unpaid work. Balance this around another job to ensure that you can afford your rent and bills. It will be a hectic, exhausting time yet will bring you closer to your end goal. Do not get taken advantage of. Assess the situation and whether the opportunity is worth it.


You don’t get to keep the clothes

The glamorous, beautiful clothes that you will get to model usually go straight back to the designer. Again, only supermodels like Kate Moss and influencers get the freebies with a social media account full of followers to impress! At least you will get to pretend they’re yours for a couple of hours though.

Have you recently moved to London? What advice do you have to share?

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