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Would You Apply to a Page 3 Model Agency?

  • Amy Bebbington

A Page 3 model agency is essentially an establishment, which scouts for glamour models. There has always been a huge debate surrounding the page 3 girls that appear in The Sun as to whether topless models should be present in a newspaper publication.

What is a Page 3 Model?

For those who are unfamiliar with the term these female models are present on page 3 (hence the name) wearing a small pair of knickers showcasing their large bust and tiny waist.

Many glamour models strive to appear in the newspaper without truly considering the reality of the role. It may be worthwhile reading the following overview of the debate to evaluate whether the opportunity is suited to you.


The History

Topless models have appeared on Page 3 since November 17, 1970. To celebrate the newspapers first birthday, editor Larry Lamb printed a nude photo of Stephanie Rahn starting a controversial feature that has caused much controversy ever since. The idea sprung from the well know phrase ‘birthday suit’ – a concept that certainly spiralled beyond relevance.

The Sun had been posting suggestive images of women since Rupert Murdoch took ownership in 1969. However, the inclusion of the naked German model took the feature in a new direction, which the paper blamed for the daily newspaper becoming the most popular in England.

Are Topless Models News?

Many feel that the inclusion of Page 3 girls within a newspaper or website that essentially should cover news is degrading and pointless. There is a place for glamour models in magazine publications that are dedicated to the niche such as Nuts, which are usually bought from the top shelf in a newsagents. Yet the London based newspaper sits amongst other respectable publications in the reach of all ages and genders.

Is the inclusion of a topless female model necessary in such a publication?

Those who regularly purchase the paper claim to not solely buy it for the exposure of nudity, which many may find uncomfortable in this context. Is it quickly skipped to read on in many cases? There have been many campaigns that have fought for the removal of the Page 3 image yet The Sun have always resisted with the worry that sales will drop in England.


The Irish Edition Removed the Page 3 Feature in 2013

Yet Ireland have successfully removed the feature from their newspaper, which has had no dramatic negative impact. Featuring a single or group of topless models with no relevance is quite unusual. An image that society may have become accustomed to accept.

However, the No More Page 3 campaign did their upmost to shame and embarrass the editors to push them into scrapping the feature that has existed for so long. The campaign has received much support with 243,000 people signing the petition with many organisations joining the protest.

Some May Think…

It is disrespectful to showcase women in this way without a substantial motive other than to arouse men. An instance which highlights the issue is when female Olympic athletes who had won medals for their country was hidden in the back of the newspaper yet the Page 3 model stood proudly at the front. What does this say about women and teach young audiences?

British women are achieving incredible victories for our country. A far more deserving story for the Page 3 spot than a nude, provocative model. There is a time and a place for glamour modelling yet a newspaper isn’t one of them. However, winning a gold, silver or bronze medal via sheer commitment is!


The Other Side of the Story

On the opposing side lies an array of women who are happy to model for page 3. Individuals within the glamour industry are pleased to model for newspapers like The Daily Star regardless of the debate.

To these models it gains a wide exposure to progress their glamour career. Therefore, wearing provocative clothing in seductive poses is a part of their routine. The Sun is in no way forcing young girls to model for the newspaper. For these female models it is a successful and smart move in their career.

Modelling for a page feature in a newspaper or for the Sun online is no different to glamour magazines. Glamour model agencies are inundated with hopefuls wishing to succeed within the industry. This suggests that the models are more than happy to pursue their goal as they love to pose provocatively. A modelling agency is able to steer the Page Three hopefuls in the right direction and keep them safe.

However, do the young, impressionable girls regret their decision later on in life?

Building a reputation that may not be perceived well by others in the industry due to the fact that The Sun newspaper is under scrutiny for their use of Page 3 girls could have a negative impact on your career. Images that are captured in the early years will stay with you in the future. If you wish to move into another area of modelling the Page 3 spread may go against you. Therefore, consider all your options before you accept the offer of a topless photoshoot.


The Results of the Page 3 Debate

The No More Page 3 campaign ran by Lucy Holmes had such a positive impact with the Sun removing the topless aspect from the resident feature with sales unaffected. The first issue printed after the agreement was of two women in bikinis frolicking on the beach. A change which feels more like a step in the right direction rather than a complete victory.

Many, I’m sure would like to witness compelling articles within a newspaper with current information on substantial, important facts. The type that the Guardian prints. However, the type of publication does dictate the content with the demographic preferring gossip and scantily clad women. The small victory on this occasion is the agreement that boobs are not news, which was the concern that initially started the debate.

The Sun will always be associated with the Page 3 photoshoot however, old fashioned and degrading it may be. It appears that the models will still appear online and in an annual calendar, which is far more easier to digest than in a prime news spot. Don’t you think? 

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