When Models Get Old: Is That The End?

  • Amy Bebbington

When models get old, they often worry that it could spell the end of their careers. It’s a sad reality that an industry based around looks also places a lot of emphasis on the concept of youth being synonymous with beauty, too. A lot of the visitors to UK Models are young themselves, which means that these issues may seem a long way off. However

When Models Get Old, Can They Model?

There are plenty of mature models out there, and this all depends on how successful you’ve been throughout your career. It also largely depends on how well you have looked after yourself over the years.

when models get old

The sad fact is – much like with dancers and actors – the concept of what is “old” in these looks-based industries is a lot younger than in general society. Many people reach 35 and have to retire, which seems pretty shocking! Sadly, these prejudices often hit women harder than they hit men, too.

If you want to continue modelling past the typical age that many people stop, you’ll have to ensure your skin is in good condition, that your body is still in the shape that it was, and that you’re current on the most recent expectations. This can be more tiring the older you get, and you may also find that your life priorities have changed, too.

Of course, many mature women are absolutely beautiful and there is of course a need for representation of this age group because women who are older are such a huge part of the consumer market. However, once you are a mature model you have to remember that the nature of your work may change, such as the kind of clothing or products you’re being hired to be the face of!

When Models Get Old, What Options Do They Have?

when models get old

Part of the natural process of ageing is often that our bodies change. This means that unfortunately when some models get old, they’re unable to continue with the aesthetics that have managed to get them hired over the years. It’s unfair, but it’s a reality for many people, and so they have to look to alternatives.

When models get old, they often don’t want to leave the industry for good. One option is to continue accepting work, but to approach from a new angle with different kinds of castings. Another is to use their experience over their career to work in a different area of the business. Many older models form agencies of their own, or coach younger models. Others get involved in the fashion business itself. The key whilst you’re young is to get your entrepreneurial head on. Make the connections and gain the knowledge now, so that the transition is far easier for you the older you get.

What worries you about when models get old? Do you think mature women are equally beautiful? Let us know!

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