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What is a Hair Model?

  • Amy Bebbington

Hair model is a term used for an individual who is employed to promote products such as hairspray, shampoo, conditioner and gel. Imagine the L’Oreal Paris adverts where after using the products the hair is dramatically released to reveal a beautiful set of locks. Therefore, most cosmetic brands will look for long, luscious tresses to enhance their TV commercial or campaign. Some use famous celebrities to expand their reach whereas others opt for a hair model to feature in the ad. Of course, if your goal is to work in hair modelling this will not be your only option as you can look for work in beauty and fashion also. It is reassuring to realise that even though your focus is on modelling your hair you also can find opportunities in other fields. For now let’s concentrate on how to get your hair in shape to be considered by a beauty brand.

Hair Model

Use the right products for your hair type

It is important to choose shampoo and conditioner that compliments your hair type. Brands such as Pantene, Garnier and Herbal Essence all produce different products that restore the balance in your hair. The bottle usually states what the formula does such as ‘for dry/lifeless hair’, ‘for greasy/shiny hair’ or ‘for coloured hair’; you get the gist. If you are unsure seek advice from your hairdresser.

Don’t apply too much heat

Too much heat via your hairdryer, curlers or straighteners will definitely damage your hair. Keep the use of these tools to a minimum to avoid drying your locks out and causing split ends. Drying, straightening and curling your hair every day will not keep your hair in a good condition so it is important to sometimes let your hair dry or fall naturally if you can.


Trim regularly

The common misconception is that to have long hair you should not make a trip to the hairdresser. However, regular visits to the stylist will ensure that your hair is healthy and full of life cutting off the dead ends. In fact, cutting your hair makes your tresses grow quicker, therefore do not avoid your appointments.


Don’t wash too often 

To keep natural oils present, which are really good for your hair do not wash your locks everyday. It is important to allow for your tresses to get a little greasy rather than washing constantly. Also your hair will become very soft and difficult to handle for the stylist when trying to manipulate your hair in a certain style. Keep your routine to every other day to allow your natural oils to nourish your hair.

Do not change your hair colour dramatically

Avoid bleaching your tresses in different colours as the process will ruin the condition of your locks and the industry will not appreciate a bright pink or purple colour. Keep your tresses natural to ensure healthiness and appropriateness for hair modelling. Most cosmetic brands choose blonde, brunette or red heads over wild colours for their campaigns.

Have you experienced life as a hair model? What advice would you give to keep your locks healthy? Share below……..

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