Want A Model Lifestyle? Read On!

  • Amy Bebbington

A model lifestyle seems like the absolute dream. We’ve all thought about it – whether modelling has been on our radar our whole lives, or we’ve spontaneously decided to get involved, it’s something that looks glam and desirable regardless. A model lifestyle entails things like travel, attractive people, money, and parties… right? Well, yes, but a model lifestyle may not be as glamorous as you might initially think – there are challenges, and even downsides, that come along with it too!

Is A Model Lifestyle All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

We’ll level with you – when you get to the top of your game, you will certainly experience the high life, at least somewhat. From parties in Dubai to yacht trips in the Maldives, you and your bronzed, beautiful body could see it all!

You could make millions, achieve fame, and date the most attractive suitors in the world. People will know your name, and they’ll even be envious.

In reality, not many people get to that stage. But those who do might even struggle with the lot they’ve got. You see, a model lifestyle can be overwhelming to those who aren’t used to it. And, whilst we’re sure the fame and fortune will soften the blow… it’s something you have to consider!


The Negative Side Of A Model Lifestyle

With each and every benefit of the model lifestyle; there are usually negatives. Of course, you shouldn’t let these put you off your dream (many exist in any industry you might be interested in). However, you should prepare yourself, because when you arm yourself with knowledge, you’re best prepped to combat things.

When you travel, you may miss family, friends, pets, and your home. There may be important milestones or commitments that you cannot attend, all because you are working. Modelling is a job – you are on contract, so you mustn’t forget that.


Models also face a lot of pressure. Whether it’s the pressure to stay thin, the pressure to work long hours, or the pressure to look a certain way, it can make you doubt yourself and who you are. You might have to put off your education, getting married, or even starting a family.

Modelling can be tiring. Unless you’re one of the best and most well-known, it can involve years of rejection, heartache, and even discrimination. You might even start unpaid, and you might find it hard to fit in other work if you’re serious about your career. In other words, it’s not too glamorous at first at all!

Being a model can be so rewarding, you just need to keep your head screwed on. If you can do that, you can do anything in this game.

Which part of the model lifestyle appeals to you most? Let us know in the comments below!

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