Topless Male Models Explained

  • Amy Bebbington

Topless male models are present in the commercial, glamour and fitness industry. Exposing a man’s chest is regularity for underwear and swimwear shoots with brands such as Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren, to promote a piece of gym equipment or supplement and to be seductive in the glamour modelling world. Male models will be selected due to their physique, which is required to be toned or muscular depending on the niche. A fitness model is required to be ultra muscular whereas commercial topless male models need to possess a toned physique. Clients seek those who take pride in their appearance and wish to present a flawless, well groomed torso.

Topless Male Models


Seek professional advice to uncover the type of workout required to succeed within your niche. A personal trainer will possess the knowledge to provide advice on how to build the correct amount of muscle. It is important that a male model listens to the advice given and maintains a regular workout. Do not over do it by making the exercise workout an unhealthy obsession or reach your peak without returning to maintain the desired physique. Simply stick to your exercise plan provided by your personal trainer as otherwise you could cause an unwanted injury, which could cost you your planned shoot.


Few male models who wish to showcase their torso for editorial shoots, catwalk shows or fitness promotion has chest hair. Therefore, it may be wise to remove the hair to provide a smooth finish. It is important that you wax or shave prior to the shoot as a red rash or spots is not attractive and will have to be re-touched at a later date. Hair removal should take place a couple of days earlier to  ensure that the skin has had time to cool down yet the hair does not reappear. When using new products ensure that you test them before hand to avoid an allergic reaction, which again could have a detrimental affect to your topless modelling career.

Topless Male Model


A healthy, nutritious diet is also extremely important for a male topless model. To compliment your workout routine eating a balanced diet is crucial in maintaining your physique, which has taken hard work and dedication to build. The exact same principle applies to what a male model consumes as an unhealthy diet can add unnecessary weight and leave you feeling lethargic, which will have a negative affect on your attitude to exercise. Forming a torso that meets expectations and standards within the industry demands a positive attitude to all approaches. Again, seek advice and support on the correct foods to eat to ensure that you remain energised. Consuming a balanced diet will also make you feel revitalised instead of sluggish, which is very much approved of in the modelling industry.

Topless Male Models


Those hoping to enter the fitness industry may wish to take supplements to enhance their physique. However, it is important to take substances that are legal and will not have a negative affect of your physique – inside and out. Only purchase products from a reputable company that specialises in the niche, which may take a lot of research to ensure that you only use products that are risk free and will enhance your physique and therefore, your career.

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