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The Demands of Fitness Modelling Jobs

  • Amy Bebbington

Fitness modelling jobs vary depending on the brand you are working for. It is wise for models to be clued up on the types of roles and demands that will be expected of you when you enter the sporting industry. Brands such as Nike, andย Adidasย all require fitness models to advertise their products whether it is a sports bra or a branded pair of weights. Gyms such as Fitness First and LA Fitness also hire models to advertise their services and the types of equipment available to wip your body into shape. All companies demand a realistic interpretation of how the equipment, clothing and supplements enhance your physique and therefore, your figure needs to boast a muscular, toned shape and stature.

fitness modelling jobs

The majority of fitness poses expected from models is to be active and athletic to showcase the qualities and benefits of the products. Brands desire to demonstrate how their clothing offers support, flexibility, movement and breathability, which demands for a model to run, jump or squat to demonstrate how comfortable their designs are. These actions need to be confident and fierce to be viewed as realistic and therefore, individuals who accept the role need to be able to move and had experience in exercise previously. Falling over during a high kick could be humorous the first time yet repeatedly will become annoying.

Other popular activities include lifting weights, running on the treadmill or punching a boxing bag. Again, the movement needs to be smooth and realistic rather than clumsy and awkward. A gym or athletic brand are keen to promote their products and services via a still campaign image or TV commercial and therefore, the action needs to be executed perfectly. The flex of the muscle or confident punch needs to be dramatic yet believable. Therefore, a fitness model who is confident in their ability will perform well. Take time to practice how each action looks as it does take some skill to consistently deliver. You make be expected to repeat the action numerous times until the winning shot is captured, which demands patience, enthusiasm and attention. Especially when holding a plank position or press up as it can be become straining on your body. Companies will hire models who regular attend the gym and are qualified to handle pressured shots.

Fitness Modelling Jobs

Fitness modelling jobs are no easy task and demand dedication from the candidates who wish to pursue roles in the sporting industry. It is highly important to build and maintain a strong, muscular physique to fit the requirements of many agencies who specialise in the sector. Maintain a sensible workout regime and nutritious diet that compliment each other. Once signed to an agency you will have a chance to attend more castings as the establishment will use their connections to locate roles suited to your physique. The more castings you attend the more chance you will have to fulfil your dream of becoming a fitness model. Be patient, dedicated and always make a good impression to improve your chance of becoming hired again for more roles with the client.

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