Advice for Parents: Teenage Modelling Agencies

  • Amy Bebbington

Teenage modelling agencies are available to locate work for adolescents aged between 12-17. During this age young individuals seek independence and try to rebel against their concerned parents or guardians. It is wise for mothers and fathers to listen to their daughter or sons wishes to pursue a modelling career rather than try to discourage their dream. By acting in a negative and unsupportive way could lead your teenager into danger as they try to pursue their passion alone. It is normal to be wary and cautious yet by seeking advice you and your child will embrace the journey together.

Teenage Modelling Agencies


Investigate further into teenage modelling agencies to locate an organisation that suits you and your teenagers requirements. Look out for those that work with reputable clients and have signed models that are of a similar age to your teenager. There will be agencies that specialise in teen modelling therefore, ensure that your chosen establishment does. When making contact ask as many questions as possible for reassurance and if an opportunity arises to find a recommendation then follow up on the lead. Without the wisdom that matures with age and experience your teen may select an modelling agency which does not act appropriately.


To demonstrate support and to put your mind at ease ensure that you chaperone your teen at all castings and modelling roles. Your daughter or son will feel confident with your presence and will arrive at the correct location. Providing transport to and from a shoot and chaperoning on the day will ensure that your child is safe at all times. It is essential that you receive all the requirements for the casting through your chosen agency to be prepared for the task ahead.

Teenage Modelling Agencies


The demands of the industry will be explained by your modelling agency describing the competitive nature of individuals and hard work required. It is important that as a parent you are honest with your child about what is required of them throughout each stage. Missing school (legally) and being committed to their dream is essential to succeed. It is vital that you provide a positive and happy environment to eliminate stress and to ensure that each experience is enjoyable. Juggling all commitments including your own duties can be tough yet with a realistic perception and a positive attitude both you and your teen will be happy.

Consent Forms……

It is reassuring to discover that an agency requires a parents consent for all models under 18. Therefore, your teen cannot rebel and proceed with a shoot if you do not deem the role appropriate and suitable. Upon receiving the document it is important that you fully understand each stated point before signing. If you are confused about the written document please ask for an explanation from your modelling agency to ensure that the organisation is acting accordingly. Once the contract is signed your teen has your permission to go ahead with the shoot.

It is understandable that many parents have doubts about the modelling industry and their teen’s ambitions. However, by supporting their dreams and following the necessary steps their cautious attitude will provide reassurance. An established modelling agency will provide work for your teen that is safe and will benefit your adolescents career.

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