Teenage Male Modeling Agencies Turn to Instagram

  • Amy Bebbington

Teenage male modeling agencies begin to seek talent through Instagram accounts. We all know that social media has a big part to play in a models career yet agencies also turn to the platforms to scout potential. It seems like teens are drawn to social media as a fun method to communicate with friends with many latching onto the selfie craze.

17 Male Models You Need to Follow on Instagram

  1. Lucky Blue Smith  @luckybsmith
  2. Anwar Hadid – @anwarhadid
  3. Neels Visser – @neelsvisser
  4. Reece King – @reeceking_
  5. Chella Man@chellaman
  6. Alton Mason – @altonmason
  7. Jaimie Wilson @tboy61915
  8. Presley Gerber @presleygerber
  9. Kit Butler @kitbutlerr
  10. Lennon Gallagher@lennongallagher
  11. Federico Spinas @federico_spinas
  12. Jordan Barrett @iblamejordan
  13. Alessio Pozzi @pozzialessio
  14. Han Hyun Min @h_h_m0519
  15. Luka Sabbat @lukasabbat
  16. Leo Mandella @gullyguyleo
  17. Matthew Noszka @matthew_noszka 


Agencies Find Models on Instagram

Agents are able to look at the stream of photographs to decide if they are suitable for their agency. A carefully curated Instagram feed with a huge following will not only attract agencies but maybe brands too.

Think about it. If your grid is hugely popular with a dedicated fan base fashion and beauty labels will be interested in a collaboration. Therefore, the idea is for you to post shots from the campaigns that you feature in to your profile. Since it is proven that those who follow you will buy into the product also. It seems like a win win situation yet you must be careful.

Charles Levi’s Rise to Fame

17 year old, Charles Levi, was offered a modelling contract after being spotted by photographers and an agent on Instagram a year ago. His selfies ‘taken out of pure boredom’ secured him a contract with Chadwick modelling agency.

Charles claims: ‘I would never have thought my mechanism of social networking with friends would become the tool that got me signed to my agency. But I guess things are changing as technology evolves. In contrast to other big models like Kate Moss who got found at an airport, you can really put yourself out there with social media nowadays.’

After the results of a photoshoot with Sydney photographer Richard Sawyer was uploaded to his Instagram account, Jaime McHugh from Chadwick Modelling agency commented “Hey Charles, you’ve got a great look, send me an email at ……. if you’re interested in modelling!” Since following up on the comment, Charles has appeared in four photoshoots including one for international men’s fashion magazine F**king Young!

How to Know if Comments Are Legit

In this instance, Charles was contacted by a reputable agency due to a comment on his social media yet it is important to be wary as a teenage boy. It seems like the comment on his photo was quite vague yet included an email to be contacted on. There is no harm in sending an email to enquire yet do not agree to meet unless you know the agency is trustworthy. Always bring a parent when arranging a meeting to guarantee your safety.

In addition, do not hand over any money. Since the individual contacting via social media may be a scam artist. Research is key to locating whether a certain name or organisation is not legit. A model scorned will open up to prevent the predator from preying on others. Therefore, researching via the internet or model forums will most likely be productive and find the answer you are looking for. If it is a well known agency that had a good reputation you will be able to locate positive testimonials too.


Also, ring the agency in question to follow up on the comment. If the scam artist is using a recognised agency name to hide behind and to entice impressionable models, one phone call will sort out any doubts. Since it is very easy to set up a false account many do so with no conscience. A very professional looking logo as their profile image is convincing enough. Also, a grid or feed full of high quality model shots is easy to achieve so act cautiously. If the comment asks of anything inappropriately decline immediately. Never send nude images or undress on Skype. Social media can be a dangerous place for young minds. Therefore, it requires for you to be very savvy and mature at a young age.

Be Cautious

The internet and social media platforms are faceless and can easily be manipulated therefore, tread extremely carefully. Instagram is a popular platform that does enhance a models career and has become a portfolio for many models. Yet, do not trust everyone who contacts you via social media. Ask for second opinions and carry out research to ensure your safety. It is easy to become over excited and to trust everyone. Yet remember the industry attracts scam artists who prey on teenagers innocence and naivety.

There are many legit male modelling agencies, which help young hopefuls achieve their dreams. It takes experience and wisdom to identify those from the untrustworthy organisations.


Your Profile

Upload professional model shots and selfies to promote your talent but DO NOT trust every comment!! Follow Instagram profiles to get a feel for the types of images to upload. From their appearances on runways at fashion week, behind the scenes hair and make-up shots and beautiful holiday snaps frequent insta-models profiles.

It is a way of enhancing your career. Yet do not rely solely on this method. It is unlikely that you will be signed to a reputable agency this way alone. It has been known to happen yet most have to work extremely hard to find their place.

How to Become Signed to an Agency

Agents are extremely busy with a constant stream of applications daily. Yes, as in Charles Levi’s case they may come across an Instagram account that impresses them yet they do not sit all day scrolling through profiles. In the hope of becoming signed to an agency it is strongly advised to actually apply to the organistaion. Therefore, read their application requires and proceed accordingly.


Usually they demand for aspiring models to fill out an application form with photographs attached to show their talent. Complete the form, hit send and wait for a reply is how the process unfolds each time. Yet, for instant feedback agencies hold walk ins at specific times for potential talent to attend. Make sure you stick to the time slots to avoid a wasted journey. Be confident and friendly to make a great first impression. Try to use your nerves as enthusiasm and a positive energy for a good result. Finally, remember the industry is rife with rejection so do not expect to be signed on the first attempt. Keep persisting!

How did you become signed to your modelling agency? We would love to hear your story!! Please comment below.

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