Successful Indian Male Models

  • Amy Bebbington

Indian male models are making a strong presence in the industry with international audiences beginning to recognise their toned physiques and charming good looks. Gaining recognition outside of India will allow for the modelling world to be a diverse place that represents a variety of cultures and race. Take a look at the talented Indian male models who are set to carve a successful, global career.


Prathamesh Maulingkar

The professional footballer has taken to modelling in his spare time building a successful second career for himself. His attitude to fitness and football has been a crucial factor in his instant success creating a refined six pack, bulging biceps, strong chest and toned, muscular thighs. His well groomed facial hair and locks enhance his charming good looks making him the perfect candidate for modelling.

Deepak Singh Chhikara

His piercing eyes, chiseled jawline, defined cheekbones and groomed to perfection facial hair ensures that he is signed to various modelling agencies around the world. Perfecting his facial expression and pose guarantees a successful career as he understands how to deliver a powerful, strong image using his beautiful eyes and full lips. To compliment his facial features his defined physique is sculpted to perfection for topless shots.

Nitin Chauhaan

Model and actor from New Delhi is enjoying a successful modelling career since winning reality TV show Dadagiri. His long tresses and overgrown beard adds to his modelling charm providing a unique appearance. Nitin has the ability to transform his look by tying his hair back rather than letting it fall loose. Again, his frame is very toned and defined, which has ignited his modelling career as he will also be chosen for topless shots. A well defined physique will fill out t-shirts and shirts making the design more appealing.

Lalit Choudhary

Gracing the catwalk, posing on the beach or against a tree and capturing a selfie for his Instagram is all in a days work for model, Lalit Choudary. His good looks, swept back locks and cared for facial hair translates well through the lens. His ability to pose effortlessly, his natural presence and great relationship with the camera works well for his modelling career, which is sure to be a continued success.

Vishal Raj

A self confessed ‘fitness freak’ allows for the professional male model to make a spectacular presence in each image shot. His powerful biceps and rippling torso is a credit to his knowledge of a nutritious diet and workout training. It will take dedication and commitment to maintain such a toned, muscular figure with a structured exercise regime and diet plan. Visual’s focus is evidently clear and the result has allowed for him to create excellent shots as a model.

Sujo Mathew

Meet another model who is dedicated to ensuring his shape is refined, toned and healthy to enhance his career. He claims to only ‘consume food with high protein and low carbohydrate content. I say no to sugar, oil and fat and that always keeps my body in shape.’ His beautiful smile, well groomed beard and bouncy locks add to his good looks and ability to work with the camera successfully.

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