Sports Model Agency Explained

  • Amy Bebbington

Sports model agency is usually categorised under the title of fitness model agency. The division falls under the fitness industry umbrella with brands and establishments using models to promote their designs, products and equipment. Companies who cater for the athletics amongst us hire models who can realistically model for the organisation. Gyms, sportswear brands and  equipment manufacturers all employ fitness models to either wear the designs or demonstrate the effects of the equipment. Poses involve lifting weights, running on the treadmill or squatting to show the practicality of the sportswear and the efficiency of the products. The models at the sports model agency are essentially a promotional tool to advertise and market their collection to reach a wider audience. Fitness First, Nike and Adidas are sports companies who use models to promote their designs for features and campaigns.

sports model agency

The athletic companies main aim is to sell products whether it is a sports bra, protein supplement, gym membership or cross trainer. It is important that the images to promote the brand show the items in a realistic and positive way and therefore, hire fitness models who are toned and muscular. Ripped abs, bulging biceps and powerful thighs are highly sought after by the agency and clients to represent the brand in campaign or product shots. It is important that the models physique is muscular to imply that the product in question has created such a body, which in many cases is true as to build a figure of this stature the individual regularly attends the gym using various equipment. Those who have a slight body shape without the training needed will not be hired by the agency and need to look for other niches such as commercial modelling. Sports model agencies understand the type of build required and are very specific in who they sign assessing their commitment and dedication to the cause.

sports model agency

Fitness models are passionate about the industry and committed to their physique. Training to build the perfect physique takes persistence and dedication by working out and eating healthily. Maintaining a controlled, strict exercise regime to form a muscular physique is hard work and may need a personal trainer to organise your workout. A professional will know exactly how to create a muscular physique without causing an injury. It usually takes time to create a toned, sculpted figure seeing results slowly. Do not rush the process as a sports injury could potentially put you out of work for a long period of time. Listen to the trainers advice and proceed completing the exercise workout carefully and thoroughly. Also take into consideration the types of food that you are eating to compliment your workout. A nutritious diet is advantageous to your stamina and physique and therefore, is advised to find out as much information as possible to enhance your build and performance. The fitness industry is certainly not for the lighthearted as a lot of work goes into creating and maintaining the desired physique. Therefore, it is important to consider whether you have the character and stamina to become a model in this niche.

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