How to be Safe within Kids Modeling

  • Amy Bebbington

Kids modeling is a niche within the industry that caters for children. It is a division that is essential to the success of promoting brands and designers who cater for children up to the age of 12. Ages above are classed as teenage modeling and very young infants is recognised as baby modeling. The industry carefully defines each age group to cater for the different needs and demands that occur. It is also important to cater for and attract the target market by using models who are the appropriate age.

Kids Modeling

Parents are heavily involved in kids modeling to ensure that the youngsters are safe and supported at their young age. Impressionable hopefuls may accept a job that is not suitable for their age therefore, the parents guidance will allow for them to be directed down the correct path with maturity and advice. Individuals under the age of 18 are required to present a signed consent form to allow for them to take part in the shoot or fashion show. If an employer or agency does not ask for you to read and sign the document allowing for your son or daughter to model stay clear. Unfortunately, there are many individuals who act as legitimate and trustworthy experts yet are in fact scam artists who can talk there way into getting money. Stay clear by investigating each opportunity or organisation as those wishing to prey on naive hopefuls usually will have a bad reputation that they are desperately trying to cover.

Kids Modeling

Research into the background of the organisation to uncover their working history and relationships. If a model has been conned previously they will be willing to share their story to help others. Also, check the brands that they have formed links with to see if they have always delivered on their promise. If an individual or organisation is asking for a hefty fee to produce a portfolio or to be signed at the agency check if this is legit and what will you receive for your money paid. Seek advice from trusted experts to feel assured that you are acting correctly and safely for both you and your child. Never pursue an offer from social media and check that your child is not conversing with  untrustworthy individuals via social media platforms either. It is essential that all decisions are made together as a partnership (child and parents) to ensure both are happy with how their career is moving.

Kids Modeling

When receiving a job from your agency or client always check what is required. It is important that you are happy with the role that your child will have to play whilst carrying out the shoot. Do not compromise if you feel the content is too old for your infant as once the sign is formed and shots captured the images will be released for the world to view. Take time to read through all the information given and ask as many questions as possible to put your mind at ease. Most jobs will be for brand campaigns and product promotion for the likes of H&M, Next and M&S so should be easy to deem appropriate. Prepare you and your child for the shoot to ensure that you arrive on time, at the exact location and ready to perform on the day. A good first impression is vital to your child’s success.

To find more information about child modeling take a further look here. It is highly important that you are at ease and feel comfortable every step of the way and armed with as much information as possible will help with your feelings about the industry. There are many legit agencies and professionals available to nurture and support you and your child at each stage you enter.

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