Who Are Preteen Models?

  • Esther O'Leary

Who are preteen models?

As the title suggests, the label includes older children aged around 9-12 years. Once your child has blossomed from a cute toddler into a beautiful junior then you might be considering getting them into modelling.

TV ads, catalogues and magazine modelling as well as toy and healthcare packaging all use models in this age group so there could be plenty of opportunities for your child.

Young models are considered valuable to various retail ad agencies as they often represent the latest trend and fashion.

Before you decide if your preteen has what it takes to become a model, ask yourself the following questions:


Can I spare the time?

As a parent or guardian your participation in your child’s modelling career is not just a legal requirement, it is essential to ensure the safety of your child and avoid scams. With good support and supervision modelling can be fun for both of you.

How do I find a good agent?

Finding a good quality, reputable modelling agency is the first step in getting your child into modelling. Agents will sign pre teen models who are confident, enthusiastic and unique.

Make sure that you thoroughly research the agency to find a reputable establishment that appeals to you and your child. A parents instinct combined with careful research will find a suitable agency.

UK Models will advise you on finding a reputable agent and give you a clear idea of what will be expected of you and your child.


Will I need photographs of my child?

Modelling agencies will expect you to send a selection of good quality photographs, both full length and close up head and shoulder images so they can get a good idea of what you look like.

Pictures should be clear and your child should look natural rather than made-up or over-styled. UK Models can work with you to create a professional set of images that can be used to approach agencies and casting directors, and that those agencies can go on and use to promote you.

As experts in the industry UK Models understand that your preteen’s face and personality are the most important things that should show through in any photographs.

What about money?

Model earnings can vary greatly, ranging from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand pounds per year, and should not be your main motivation for getting your child into modelling.

Your child’s agent will take a cut of any earnings and you may have to make an initial outlay in order to join some agencies so bear that in mind.

Make sure that you are aware of all the costs and deductions before you agree to take the role. After you have signed the contract the price will stand at what is stated on the document.


Will we need to travel?

Depending on where you live, you and your child are likely to need to travel around the country in order to attend castings and modelling jobs. Depending on the job, your travel expenses may be reimbursed though not always.

It is important to not let modelling interrupt your child’s education by booking far away jobs in the school holidays or at weekends.

What happens after my child signs with an agency?

Most agents will want to take their own photographs of your child to use on their websites and in their offices. If your child is selected he/she will usually need to attend a casting to audition for a job.

During a casting an agent or client may want to take a photo of your child but this should not happen without your consent and supervision. The job itself could involve several hours of hair, make-up, styling and photography or filming so you and your child will need to be patient.

Finally, you will need to factor in school absences as most modelling jobs take place on weekdays and during term time. You will need to obtain a licence from your local council in order for your school to approve any disruptions to your child’s education.


Are child models legal?

Yes, child modelling is legal with your parents permission. An infant or teen is only able to be signed to an agency or modelling role with their mum or dads approval.

A legit establishment will present a contract outlining all aspects for your parents to sign. This procedure is put in place for your safety. If they fail to have a formal document available it is more than likely that the organisation is not legit.

Unfortunately, the industry can attract scam artists and predators. It is important that you research each opportunity before agreeing to the role. Never meet a potential opportunity alone. Always inform your parents and bring them along.

Child models for Next

High street giants such as Next, H&M and M&S hire young models to promote their clothing. In store campaign material, magazine ads and video commercials require a teen girl or boy to model their latest designs.

It is essential that young models have the confidence to meet new people and perform in front of the camera. Top brands all compete each season to attract customers and secure sales. Therefore, professional, fun and unique images are required.

Each year or season, brands will contact agencies who specialise in this age to find suitable models. Therefore, it is worthwhile focusing on finding an agency rather than contacting the labels directly.


Child Models for Catalogues

Catalogues also require preteen models to promote their newest designs. The likes of Littlewoods and Very publish product shots that could involve modelling clothes or promoting the latest teen gadget.

The large amount of images required is good news for young models who are hoping to launch a career. Again, catalogues will approach agencies to scout suitable models. Therefore, it is worth concentrating your efforts on signing to an agency.

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