Paid Modelling Jobs: Read the Contract

  • Amy Bebbington

Paid modelling jobs are available in the industry yet young hopefuls have to gain understanding of contracts to ensure that they do not get exploited. Unfortunately, it is common for eager individuals to accept roles out of excitement and fail to fully understand the legal document. Some experts put hidden clauses in the contract, which result in models receiving little payment for their efforts. It is up to the model to have the confidence and knowledge to point out these errors to the employer and ensure that you receive a worthwhile amount. Desperate hopefuls do not like to challenge the contract in fear of not landing the role yet it is important that you do.

paid modelling jobs

Change is on its way!

Coco Rocha campaigns for young models who are being exploited by agencies and designers in the industry. She believes that adolescents who join the modelling world should be supported and given advice on how to read contracts and negotiate terms. The business side of the industry is daunting and intimidating to teens who have little life and work experience. Therefore, young models need to rely on professionals to guide them through each stage without the worry of being exploited. Coco has taken on an ownership and management role at New York agency, Nomad Mgmt. Here she will be able to guide young minds who feel as though they have no voice. Her experience in the industry has highlighted areas that need addressing, which she will be able to fulfil via the new opportunity.

paid modelling jobs

How to beat the industry

However, not all agencies will have this support network, which will demand the responsibility to lie in your own hands. When securing paid modelling jobs please do the following to ensure that you are rewarded for your efforts.

  • Ask for a contract if a document is not handed over to you.
  • Read carefully to ensure that you understand what is asked of you.
  • If you do not quite grasp some of the lingo, simply ask.
  • Have the confidence to question any part that doesn’t make sense regarding pay, times or location.
  • Ensure that they’re no hidden costs that you have to pay for such as extortionate travel.
  • Agree on a set amount of time and anything over shall be charged at a certain rate.
  • Do not sign a contract that you do not feel comfortable and confident with.

paid modelling jobs

The difference between voluntary work and paid modelling jobs

Remember that voluntary work is a very different matter to underpaid modelling jobs. Many aspiring models accept work experience to build up a portfolio. Also, both parties are agreed that their time will be offered free of charge. Therefore, it is a very different matter when a employer states a certain figure and either goes back on their word or hides costs that go unnoticed. It is a deception that happens far to frequently and needs to be handled by models themselves. Furthermore, young hopefuls are fearful to question authority in case it backfires on them negatively. Maybe, if models stand together against the industry and challenge untoward behaviour, change should happen.

What tips do you have for aspiring models who are unsure on how to confront an agent or employer about pay? Please share below………..

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