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Non Nude Models: Can I Take This Route?

  • Claire Louise

Non nude models – are they a myth? The good news is that you don’t have to take your clothes off to get into modelling (unless of course you are over 18 and you want to)!

Some models who are starting out unfortunately get exploited. They are told that they must take off their clothes in order to achieve success. In a lot of cases, this can get them work, for example in the glamour modelling industry. Models who might not fit criteria set by fashion agencies, for example, might be able to get nude modelling work. However, there are a lot of dodgy photographers out there who might want to take advantage of someone young and naive, so please do think carefully before doing anything you might regret.

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Don’t Show Any More Than You Want To.

Non nude models rely solely on their talents in other areas in order to get ahead! There is nothing wrong with glamour modelling if that’s your dream, but you must never feel pressured into it. The industry is massively changing, and there are many ways for non nude models to get where they want to be these days. Whilst it’s true that the high fashion world often want tall and very slim models for their campaigns, plus sized models and short models are also becoming more and more popular. As our world diversifies, so does the modelling industry. That means that there are more places for non nude models. As a model who isn’t modelling her own body as the sole focal point, it allows for you to work with more brands as well – after all, they need the models to wear their clothes!

In the past, people often used nude modelling as a stepping stone to the rest of their career. It certainly draws attention to you! These days, you typically see people doing this online – it’s much easier to get some kind of contract on the Internet for nude models than for non nude models, so for those who want the cash and recognition instantly, it can seem like a great idea. Sometimes, it’s just the easy way out.


It’s Your Choice

Remember, anything you do as a model is your choice, as long as you are over 18. However, the choices you make now may follow you forever, and it’s important to remember that something on the Internet is almost impossible to erase. It could affect you in other kinds of modelling that you want to get into, or simply make you feel uncomfortable. You can still be sexy and be one of the non nude models – even Playboy have stopped showing fully naked women these days!

Non nude models can get to where they want to be, it may just take longer and they may have to work for less money to begin with. You also have to accept certain limitations and work within your strengths. For example, if you’re petite then you can’t aim for agencies who only sign tall models. Whilst in fashion, a lot of nudity can be artistic, and actually many non nude models will occasionally be expected to show flesh on the catwalk. However, there is absolutely nothing that says you have to do anything you’re not happy with – check any contracts before signing.

Just look at all the incredible non nude models out there; and look how successful you can be!


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