Models Without Makeup: Why Is This Important?

  • Claire Louise

Models without makeup are rarely seen on the job themselves, however, when going for castings or applying to agencies, they will often want to see you naturally. This can be a worry for many people, who perhaps aren’t confident with the skin they’re in. We’ve broken it down to see why you might be asked to show your true face!

models without makeup

Why Do People Need To See Models Without Makeup?

There are a few really logical reasons why an agency or potential campaign might want to see your face au naturale. Here are some of them:

  • They need to be able to see how good your skin is. Is it hydrated, and free from spots? If not, can they work with it? Don’t worry, the answer is often ‘yes’. They just need a realistic picture before they begin.
  • Makeup can hide your natural bone structure. Often, in the modelling industry, they’re looking with people with interesting facial definition; for example a strong jaw or high cheekbones. These types of faces typically look more photogenic on camera.
  • Natural skin tone is much more obvious without make up. This could be important when matching up multiple models in a campaign, or choosing which items of clothing you’d be suited to. They need to know this detail for things like casting suitability.
  • Makeup can distract from what’s underneath. When choosing a model, it’s likely they have ideas about how their MUA is going to do your makeup anyway! They need to see that you have the right base that they’re looking for to be manipulated into their overall creative concept!
  • Makeup could actually hinder your chances. Not everyone is a natural born MUA. Although there’s a rise in beauty savvy young women (and even young men), that doesn’t mean everyone’s got all the tricks down. Badly done makeup could cost you, big time!
  • Models without makeup show their true age. They say with youth comes beauty, but that’s not always true. Just as school age models shouldn’t hide their true age with makeup, older models shouldn’t try to look younger. If they’re looking for mature models, you might be doing yourself a disservice!

models without makeup

Are All Models Without Makeup Naturally Stunning?

Of course not! However, many models will have been through such stringent processes of selection, and so you’d expect that they’d look pretty good.

However, makeup is an art, and you need to remember that models are often subjected to HOURS upon hours of beauty routines, and then there are several regimens that go before this. That’s not to mention all of the Photoshop afterwards.

The whole ‘I woke up like this’ thing is rarely true, even though everyone can be naturally beautiful in their own right. You might think your freckles, scars or other things are flaws, to other people, they might be the thing that set you apart. You’d be surprised.

Basically, models without makeup look great because they feel confident enough to bare all.

Why not start practising at home? Would you go makeup free?

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