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Models with Bad Skin are More Common than You Think

  • Amy Bebbington

Models with bad skin are more common than you think. Fashion images are very misconceiving as the use of digital technology hides any spots or blemishes. A technique that allows for aspiring models to believe that their complexion is flawless when in fact, their face may have had a few spots to contend with that day. Photoshop receives a lot of negative exposure due to unrealistic expectations causing low self esteem with figures dramatically changed, yet in some circumstances when used appropriately is advantageous. All models should try to take great care of their skin however, we all know that spots can occur despite your best efforts. Let’s face it, even those against the use of Photoshop would not like a huge spot protruding from their face!

Models with bad skin do exist yet put all their efforts into maintaining a healthy diet and beauty regime to improve their complexion. Invest time and energy into your diet and cosmetic routine to enhance your skin to a more smooth and clear state. Models who work for the likes of Elle Magazine, Harper’s Bazzaar and Vogue all need to look after their skin!

Models with Bad Skin

Drink water

Ensuring that your skin is hydrated is extremely important as your complexion will dramatically improve with the natural source. Start the day with a glass of water and remember to continously drink throughout the day. Limit how many fizzy drinks you consume daily as although this may taste much better the amount of sugar is not good for your skin. Monitor how much water your have and witness the transformation in your skin.

Eat healthily

To compliment drinking water eat a natural, healthy diet. Plenty of vegetables and meals rather than lots of snacks will help clear your skin. Chocolate and crisps are tempting yet will increase the amount of spots whereas a balanced diet will affect your complexion in a positive way. Of course, an odd treat is allowed yet do not over do it as you will notice how your skin reacts to a continuous flow of fast food.

Models with Bad Skin

Uphold a beauty regime

Look after your skin by maintaining a beauty routine that is well suited to your skin type. Ask advice and seek our products that are designed to help improve the appearance of your complexion. Always remove your make-up each night and moisturise to keep your skin looking its best. Sleeping with make-up still on is a bad idea as your foundation will seep into your pores. A fresh, clean face is a must before getting your beauty sleep.

Models with Bad Skin

Visit a doctor

If you are concerned about the blemishes and rashes on your skin make sure that you schedule a doctors appointment. There may be a specialist cream that can clear up the spots if they are particularly bad and affecting your confidence. It is worth asking just in case as professional guidance is very helpful. Rosacea is actually a medical condition that can be improved by applying the correct creams.

Many models with bad skin do find work, as make-up artists can work their magic to disguise a rash or spot. However, do follow the above steps to help your cause.

Do you have any tips to help aspiring models with bad skin? Comment below with your advice!

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