Modelling Scams in the Industry

  • Amy Bebbington

Modelling scams are unfortunately popular in the industry with individuals preying on innocent hopefuls. Predators seek naivety in young aspiring models who have little experience working in the industry and may accept a role that is not legit. Modelling scams usually involve asking for a substantial amount of money for a service and not delivering. Therefore, the scam artist has successfully received a large fee for no work, which is typically their intention. Others may persuade young models to pose in a provocative way or not present a contract to sign allowing for them to alter the images in a sexual way. These shots may then be added to online sources without your permission or knowledge. To avoid being taken advantage of it is vital that before entering the modelling industry you become aware of how to act in a field that attracts scandalous and untrustworthy individuals.

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Modelling Scams

Be Cautious

Scam artists are extremely clever at posing as a reputable organisation or company. There may be a few people who have teamed together allowing for the company to appear trustworthy. It is unfortunately their role to con models into agreeing to their proposal. If you are approached by an individual via an online platform such as social media it is usually not legit. A professional company will use methods such as contacting an agency or a portfolio hosting website. A modelling agency will only work with trustworthy companies that they have formed a relationship with yet it remains your responsibility to find out if you are in safe hands and if in fact your agency is legit also.

Modelling Scams

Do Your Research

Before accepting any modelling deal or agency sign up it is wise to carry out extensive research.  Uncover their true reputation by doing an initial search online. Anyone who has been scorned by an organisation will post their thoughts online to avoid others experiencing the same treatment. Discover their links in the industry to witness if they are legit and talk to models who are signed to the agency if possible to gain an understanding of how the company operates.

Ask as many questions as possible and request to see the contract to revise before signing. Those who work with recognised companies such as Vogue, H&M or M&S can usually be trusted. A legit legal document will give you control over where the images are published and how they can adapt the shot. It is vital to be able to carve out a modelling career that gives you a strong reputation. Once an image is posted online it is extremely difficult to get it removed permanently. Therefore, you need to have control from the beginning and before a unwanted image is uploaded. Seek advice from professionals who have had a lot of experience in the industry and parents who have gained life skills.

Modelling Scams

Keep Safe

Remember your safety is the most important factor in your career. You must feel comfortable and happy with the way your modelling career is unravelling. Do not put yourself in a situation that conjures feelings of nerves leaving you feeling scared and frightened. If you feel intimated or pressured into a situation stand firm and do not give in to their pressurising character. Simply leave and tell an adult who can help and support you. Companies and individuals of this nature should be reported to ensure that no one is a victim of their cruel ways. Never hand over any money unless you are certain that the individual is trustworthy and has your best interests at heart. Remember missing out on an opportunity that you are unsure of is not an opportunity in the first place.

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