Male Underwear Models: Getting Prepared

  • Claire Louise

Male underwear models are often overlooked. People talk about lingerie modelling when it comes to female models, but male underwear models often don’t get a look in. However, for men over the age of 18, this can be an especially promising career path in the industry. Male underwear models pose for huge name brands, perhaps the most iconic of which is Calvin Klein. So, if this is the route you want to go down, what do you need to know?

Male Underwear Model Agency

Only Do What You Feel Comfortable With

Sometimes a lot of conversation surrounding body image centres on young women, however, it’s equally as applicable for men as well. If you feel pressured into wearing certain clothing, remember that it’s your body and therefore your choice. You also shouldn’t feel pushed to look a certain way. However, if this is what you want, go for it. Just make sure you read your contract for modelling – sometimes male underwear models become so because their agency requires it. Read everything before you sign! It’s natural to feel nervous – just decide for yourself whether this is just jitters or a sign it’s not for you after all.

Eat Right & Work Out

They say abs are made in the kitchen, and they’re about half right! Male underwear models need to watch what they eat for obvious reasons, because they’re often so exposed. Eating lean meats and ‘good’ carbs is a great choice, as well as plenty of protein. You’ll need that for your workouts, which will likely be intense for the body shape you’ll be aiming for. It’s worth considering getting a personal trainer. You’ll need to put in long hours at the gym. Working out with a friend is often another good alternative, because it will help keep you motivated. It takes a lot of dedication to get the body for this kind of modelling work!

Models' Diet Plan

Practice Posing!

Posing is imperative in modelling for a number of reasons. Male underwear models are expected to sell not just a product, but a lifestyle associated with that brand. Therefore, the way they present themselves has to reflect that, with an air of confidence and authority. Remember as well that certain positions can highlight your best features. If you’ve spent hours sweating it out crafting that muscular aesthetic, make sure everyone knows about it.


Current male underwear models: care to share your tips? We look forward to reading them below!

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