What Is A Male Underwear Model Agency?

  • Amy Bebbington

Male underwear model agency is an establishment that scouts men that possess the physique to qualify as an underwear model. The organisation will typically have a menswear division rather than specialising solely in underwear modelling. No agency will be so specific as the amount of opportunities available will not be feasible for the company to operate. Instead, the male model department will sign individuals who can model fully clothed as well as topless wearing only the designers boxers or pyjama bottoms. Fashion Designers such as Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss and high street brands such as Burtons and Topman will need male underwear models to advertise their boxers for product shots and campaign images. Keep reading to find out how to become a male underwear model.

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Top 11 Male Underwear Models of All Time

  1. David Beckham
  2. Freddie Ljungberg
  3. Justin Bieber
  4. David Gandy
  5. Mark Wahlberg
  6. Travis Fimmel
  7. Jamie Dornan
  8. Djimon Hounsou
  9. Shawn Mendes
  10. Hidetoshi Nakata
  11. Tyson Beckford

Male Underwear Model Requirements

To be considered as an underwear model it is vital that your physique is toned and muscular. Pert pecks, a six pack and bulging biceps are expected for your torso and arms and a toned bottom and muscular legs are desired from the lower half of the body. Depending on the underwear designs a male models manhood will be on display if the boxer shorts are tight fitting. Therefore, a shy and timid character may feel uncomfortable with this kind of exposure.

An aspect that David Beckham took in his stride when modelling for his H&M body wear collection. Hiring a personal trainer may be a wise move if aiming to be an underwear model to get your physique into shape. Their knowledge of fitness and how to tone your body slowly and steadily will help you build the figure desired for an underwear model.


Male Model Diet Plan

Also, it is important to consider your diet, which a good personal trainer will be able to support you with too. A healthy, nutritious intake will keep your physique trim and toned in addition to your workout regime. Drinking lots of water will ensure that your complexion and skin is clear and smooth, which is a necessity, as your body will be exposed regularly.

Practice Guarantees Success

It is important to be confident and possess a high self-esteem as a male underwear model. Of course, you will be wearing very little for all shoots and need to feel comfortable doing so. Experience and practice are a couple of ways to gain body awareness and feel 100% secure in your job role.

In addition, to exercising and eating well practicing poses in front of a mirror or with friends is a necessity. As your torso is revealed for the majority of shots and needs to be posed perfectly with great posture to avoid rippling of the skin. By practicing how to hold your body in a series of poses will give you great advantage on the day of the shoot. Look at other underwear models such as Pietro Boselli to see how they pose and hold their physique.

Listen to the photographer who will give you direction and absorb tips from them to use in other roles. The more experience you the gain the more confident you will become as a topless model. The images that you capture can be used in your professional portfolio to impress an agency or client.


Is This the Right Career Move for You?

The underwear industry demands individuals who are comfortable with posing nude and with the team invading personal space. Make up may be applied to intimate areas just above the underwear line, which involves a stylist working very closely with the model. Remaining professional will ensure that you do not become overly embarrassed causing you to sweat and act awkwardly.

Again, experience will ensure that you become comfortable in these unusual situations. It is also worthwhile to be well groomed as a neat clean look is desired by brands who advertise their underwear. Chest hair is not usually accepted and should be shaved prior to the shoot to avoid earning a bad reputation and risking your job.

Do Not Feel Pressured to Go Nude

There is a huge difference between agreeing to model in your underwear to baring all. Do not feel pressured to pose nude for an underwear shoot. If a photographer suggests or asks for you to take an item of clothing off politely decline. Also, it has been reported that some photographers act inappropriately at photoshoots by making sexual references and suggestions. Others go as far as groping intimate areas, which is not be tolerated or accepted.

If you are treated in this way please speak up and report him/her to your agency. Some feel intimidated as their career is at stake and therefore, feel pressured to do as they are told. Yet, this is totally unacceptable. They are abusing their position of power and should not be able to work in the industry. Of course, there are legit photographers who solely wish to capture the photograph. However, please be aware of the predators that lure behind the camera. Have your voice and start a conversation if you ever feel intimidated or violated.


How Much Do Male Underwear Models Get Paid

It’s been highly documented that male models are paid less than females. This can also relate to male underwear model salary with the likes of Victoria’s Secret building a big platform for lingerie modelling. Their fashion show is huge with fans eagerly awaiting the runway presentation. The female model world is such a larger industry. Lots of underwear brands needing girls to promote their latest designs. Male models in underwear are needed but just not on the same scale. Calvin Klein models are valued and paid well but again the publicity is much less.

That being said a men’s underwear model can earn a lot per shoot. However, there is no set pay. It all depends on how many jobs that you book, your status in the industry and how you or your modelling agency negotiates. Remember agencies will take a percentage but this will be set upon signing your contract. The modelling industry is an uncertain place with figures varying considerably. Make sure the male underwear modelling jobs that you accept pay to match your talent.

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