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Local Modeling Agencies Do Exist

  • Amy Bebbington

Local modeling agencies are a reality for many who live near a large city. Establishments of this nature are attracted to the buzz and diversity of major cities around the United Kingdom. Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Glasgow are a few of the places where model agencies are frequented.

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Of course, London is a major city that hosts the majority of modeling companies yet the vibrancy and liveliness is enticing entrepreneurs to set up agencies to capture the new talent in that area; a gap in the market if you like. Therefore, if you live within a large city or in surrounding towns you will be able to embrace the concept of local modelling agencies without having to be represented in the capital.

Remaining local to your hometown is reassuring and less intimidating than relocating to London or New York. Many do not feel the need to escape to the capital to fulfil their dream and would prefer to remain close to home. Researching agencies within commuting distance is advisable first to ensure that the company is trustworthy and caters for your needs.


Be Prepared to Travel

It is up to you to work out the route to the agency via public transport or car. Even though you are based in the city that you live in it does not mean that you will remain working from this secure location. The modelling industry operates worldwide and is not constrained to one city and town. For example, although the agency is based in a Northern city it does not result in only attending modelling jobs in that particular area. Agents will cast for connections all over England and internationally depending on the niche and strength of their relationships.

Therefore, fashion models will be required to travel regularly if you carve a career that boasts full time work. You will be consistently living out of a suitcase and traveling to the desired destination. Of course, you will return to your base to recharge your batteries and attend meetings with your agent as it is worthwhile to keep close communication with your modeling agency.


London Is at the Heart of the Industry

On some occasions you may stay close to home with your establishment providing successful models for the local fashion week or shopping mall events yet this will only cover a short period for the lead up to the fashion show and the actual catwalk presentation. It is more than likely that new models who choose to remain local will travel more frequently to London. After all, the capital is the centre of the fashion scene. Designers and brands do usually gravitate towards the hub of creativity, liveliness and imagination. Therefore, many castings and jobs will be held there. It is essential to be willing to commute to London to fulfil a successful career.


It’s Your Decision

If aspiring models choose to sign to modeling agencies located in a city that they will feel most comfortable in they will be less nervous due to being near familiar surroundings. Uprooting your whole lifestyle and relocating to a city will feel intimidating and frightening. However, the lifestyle does appeal to many who crave the buzz, like meeting new people and exploring a new city. Those who choose to stay put will have the support of your family and friends. Either choice is perfectly justifiable and ultimately depends on your character and your needs. Ensure that it is your decision and you are not forced into anything by a partner, friend or relative.

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