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Little Models: Why They’re Rising To The Top!

  • Claire Louise

Little models would have been unheard of in the fashion industry several years ago, but thankfully, the fashion industry is seeing many changes. Little models are representative of such change; in that they are literally embodying the inclusive nature of the future of fashion!

It is often said to be the case that taller models are better for catwalks and high fashion because the clothes look better. This is true to some extent, but that’s because the clothes have always been made with taller people in mind. These days, little models are used because clothes are being produced in petite sizing. Designers are realizing that cool people (whether in ‘real life’ or in popular culture) are shorter in stature, and so they’re producing clothes which will fit them. To market them, they use little models – in other words, they use models equally as petite as their desired consumers, to really attract them to the brand!

little models

So, Why Do We Love Little Models?

Little models are great for so many reasons, but some reasons are:

  • They’re short, but they’re often not to be messed with. Don’t be fooled by their size! They will work hard to prove themselves.
  • Good things come in small packages!
  • They’re short – and often sweet. This can be ideal for cute clothing brands or clothing which is particularly aimed at young adults.
  • They know how to be themselves, and push themselves against the odds!

The Realities For Little Models

little models

At present, it’s still unlikely that if you’re petite – under 5’5 for women – that you will ever be used on a high fashion catwalk. The market exists for taller models; which can seem harsh, but that’s simply the business side of things put in action.

However, there is plenty of catalogue and promotional work that you can be hired for. Plus, a lot of independent lines will also be interested in this particular look.

As petite modelling grows, the appeal of little models will, too. Some brands are already filling a niche on catwalks by diversifying.

Do you think shorter models will be used more in future? Let us know in the comments!

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