The Realities of Infant Modelling for Parents

  • Amy Bebbington

Infant modelling is more commonly known as child modelling in the industry. It is a necessary niche in the modelling world that is taken very seriously and requires dedication, commitment and hard work from both children and parents. The industry welcomes infants yet demands for maturity and professionalism at quite an early age. Some leniency is given due to the young age of the models yet schedules and itineraries are expected to be met without major delays, which could cost extra money. Do you think your child has the ability, personality and character to make it in the infant modelling world? Lets take a look………… 


Monitor your child and assess how they react to new people and different environments. The modelling industry presents situations that could be intimidating and daunting for children. At a photoshoot or catwalk show there will be a team of individuals that are new and it is important that your child feels relaxed and confident in this environment. A child model will be expected to pose alone or with fellow kids in front of a camera, which for shy and timid characters will be extremely difficult. However, outgoing and sociable children will find delivering a great performance in front of new people much easier.


Remember that as their parent you will be expected to be present at all times to support and guide. Your child will feel comfortable and reassured with your presence and you will be in viewing distance whilst the shoot is taking place. Being the parent or guardian of a child model is hard work and will encroach on a lot of your time. Arranging potential castings, driving to auditions and attending the photoshoot or show will demand dedication, organisation and passion from mum or dad. Therefore, you have to be certain that you have the time and commitment to offer such a role as the career choice demands a lot of responsibility from the parents.


Children are unable to make decisions for themselves in the industry without their parents consent. It is a legal requirement that the industry demand so that children remain safe at all times. As a parent you will be asked to sign a document to allow your son or daughter to model for the company. If an agency or establishment do not present a consent contract then please do not proceed with the role. This safety precaution is put in place to allow for you to decide the suitability of the role for your child as due to their innocence and lack of experience they are unequipped to make these important decisions for themselves. As their parent it is your responsibility to make these choices for them and to act with maturity and caution. The good news is that there are many trustworthy establishments who wish to hire children to model for legit clothing companies such as H&M, Next and M&S. Children will promote the clothing by showing the fit and fall of items on the body and when moving each season. High street brands rely on child models to promote their latest range.

As a parent of a child model what advice would you give? Please comment below. 

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