How To Help Your Kids Modelling

  • Claire Louise

Kids modelling can be somewhat of a conundrum! On the one hand, they’re adorable. On the other… kids modelling can be a total logistical nightmare!

Kids will be kids, and it’s in their nature to be so. When you were little you were most likely the same, and unlike adults in modelling, a lot of the time children do not grasp that it is a job where money is being exchanged. Most children don’t work, and in the case of kids modelling, it’s not really the every day norm. So, how do you keep the children well-behaved on a shoot as their guardian?


  • Always explain to your child exactly what is going on and what will be expected of them. Sure, kids modelling are too young to make decisions for themselves, but they do have a right to have a say. You should never force them to do something they don’t want to, and try to explain it in a way that they’ll understand.
  • When it comes to kids modelling, be patient. An adult on the job appreciates when to listen, when to take direction and so on, but for a child, they simply might not feel like it. Work with the professionals on the shoot to try and make the process more cohesive. Gently talk to your child and put simple instructions into terminology they respect. As your child is likely to respect you more than a stranger, it’s one of the many benefits of having to have a parent present in kids modelling!
  • Bring snacks to keep them going on a long day. When kids are hungry, they’re hungry. You know how it is – when you’re hungry, you can’t focus on the task in hand. Your child’s health and nutrition is also a lot more important than their weight at this stage, so always ensure that you’re imparting healthy attitudes towards food into them. There’s no space for negativity when it comes to kids modelling.
  • Bring plenty of things to keep your child entertained during the inevitable long waits on shoots. Their favourite toys, familiar items, books… anything to keep them stimulated, but nothing too loud as they need to stay calm and as professional as possible.
  • Finally, keep your child happy. Your child comes before the lucrative career of kids modelling, even if you’re encouraging them for their future. The second it gets too much or interferes with other aspects of their life is the second that you should listen to their needs and revisit the idea in future at a more suitable time if they want to.

Are your kids modelling? How are you finding it as a family?

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