How to Find Jobs for 15 Year Olds UK

  • Amy Bebbington

Jobs for 15 year olds UK is a search that a teenage model will perform to uncover the types of job roles available for their age range. At the age of 15, an individual is classed as a teen model until they reach over 17. Therefore, parent’s consent and a teen model agency are essential in forming a successful career and securing exciting job roles. Without these two parties models of this age range would find the task of breaking into the modelling industry extremely difficult. A simple ‘jobs for 15 year olds UK’ search will not suffice.


List of Model Jobs for 15 Year Olds

Brands such as New Look, H&M and Marks & Spencer all require campaign images to showcase their designs for advertising in and out of store. Teen models have a big part to play in promoting brands and their products.

  • Campaign shots – every store organises ads to promote their new season campaign.
  • Product imagery – each brand has a website that includes simple images to showcase the fit of the design.
  • Catalogue work – catalogues also use product shots to showcase clothing. With the large amount of products available teens may be asked to pose using a technical gadget for example.
  • Fashion shows – shopping malls use teens in their event to showcase their designs suited to their age range. Top fashion designers also include teens in their shows.
  • TV commercials – brands use commercials to promote their designs to a larger audience.

Teenage Model Agencies

Those employed to organise shots for the teenage department will turn to trusted modelling agencies who specialise in this age range; choosing organisations that have been recommended or used previously forming a strong bond.

The agents will note down the specifications that the brand desires and search through their teenage model database to source individuals that fit the description. The chosen selection will be contacted to meet the organisers and establish availability. Teen models will attend a casting where the preferred models are chosen to attend the shoot. With this lengthy process in mind it is essential to be signed to a reputable agency that will provide opportunities via their links and connections within the industry. Also, make sure that you discuss pay and expenses before signing the contract. You may end up with very little money otherwise as there are many who exploit teens in the industry.


Where to Find Modelling Opportunities

Some smaller, independent jobs for local fashion shows or brands may advertise for a teen model on free sites such as Indeed or Gumtree. If you choose to investigate further it is essential that you remain safe at all times. Do not meet up with a stranger without knowing exactly who they work for and if they are legit. Ask as many questions as possible to find out more, check their website to truly see whether the facts match up and ask for a second opinion.

Always take a friend or family member with you for safety reasons and meet in a public place such as a cafe where there are others around. Let adults know where you are meeting so many people know of your whereabouts without alarming them. These useful sites can offer opportunities that are legit yet it is necessary to act with caution to ensure safety.

Do not overwork yourself with super long days as exhaustion is a reality that can be really serious. A recent case of a teen working abroad tragically died due to extra long hours. Her young age left her scared to go to hospital in a foreign country not speaking the language or having medical insurance. Always make sure your parent is with you to take care of you on each model opportunity. They provide a voice to an inexperienced, naïve teen who do not know the ways of the world yet.

Modelling Jobs to Avoid

Avoid modelling jobs that do not ask your age or for permission from your parents. At the age of 15, you may feel mature and wise enough to make your own decisions yet the experience of your parents wiser years will be useful. In comparison to industry experts and your parents life experience your young years may make you naive and innocent. It is normal to want to make your career choices yet the boundaries are put in place for a reason.

Teenagers are still experiencing life and need older individuals to guide and give permission to keep hopeful adolescents safe. The excitement and desperation to make it as a model may outshine reality. Therefore, having an adult making rational decisions is a blessing. Do not except jobs that you are approached via social media as no matter how fascinating and exciting they seem it is usually a predator using the wrong methods to find innocent teens. Trustworthy agencies and brands will not use social media platforms to connect with young individuals.


Part Time Jobs for 15 Year Olds

For most jobs you are required to be aged 16 or over. If you are looking for summer jobs during the school holidays or work to compliment modelling opportunities there are a few things you can do. Young people are able to take on a paper round or babysit for family friends. The latter is more lucrative and can be easy to take on during term time. Make sure that you are paid fairly as many try to exploit teens and pay below the minimum wage.

There are also laws on how many hours a week you can work. So make sure you do not over do it. Baby-sitting is also easy to plan around modelling opportunities and school. You will most likely be asked at weekend evenings. This bit of pocket money can be saved and put towards your portfolio to show your parents you are serious about the opportunities. Those under school leaving age are restricted by law yet can take on some jobs in retail and catering industries. The best way is to ask first before applying.

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