How To Be A Child Model: An Introduction

  • Claire Louise

How to be a child model is a question UK models are often asked by parents from all kinds of backgrounds, hoping that their child will be able to break into the industry. Obviously, the decision is one that is not for the child alone to make – it must be a mutual decision between the child and their parents or guardians. So, when it comes to how to be a child model, there’s a lot to take into account. Here’s a simple guide.

How To Be A Child Model: The Basics

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The actual process of becoming a child model is where you’ll need to pay attention most. Of course, there are tips when it comes to how to be a child model regarding posing and practicalities, but actually getting your foot in the door is another story.

It’s important if your child wants to get into modelling that they understand exactly what they’ll be doing. It’s a big commitment, and it can essentially turn into a job. There are laws on children working; which must strictly be adhered to so their health isn’t damaged. Regardless, most children don’t work and so you have to decide together if this is the right next step.

You’ll need to put forward a portfolio if you’re hoping to approach agencies. They’ll need to see a variety of images showcasing a range of looks, and demonstrating that your little one actually knows how to be a child model. UK Models can help with this if you’re lacking experience. You’ll get a photoshoot in a professional studio, with a package suitable to take you forward to agents.

How To Be A Child Model… And How To Parent One!


There are plenty of ways, as a parent, that you can help your child to achieve their dreams. You’ll need to prepare them not only for the work, but for the industry itself. Just some of the factors that you’ll need to take into account include:

  • Ensuring you encourage them to be responsible and on time. Since you’ll be at the shoots and castings with them, this is largely on you! Don’t ruin your child’s chances.
  • Make sure that when you’re explaining how to be a child model to your child that you emphasise professionalism. This will be difficult for a lot of children, so you need to really consider if your child is ready.
  • Prepare your child for rejection. Sadly, in modelling this is a huge reality. You need to make sure your child understands that it’s nothing personal, but that it will probably happen.

This introduction won’t make your child master being a model outright. However, it will give them an idea about how to be a child model, and most importantly, it will help you. The next step is to get experience. Good luck!


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