How to Get into the Modelling Industry

  • Amy Bebbington

How to get into the modelling industry is pondered regularly by hopefuls. Many wish to become a successful model yet have no clue of how to begin their journey. It is a daunting industry to tackle with high competition yet it is important to start with small steps. Remember the process will take time and will not happen overnight. It takes persistence, commitment and dedication to enter the industry and remain a part of the fashion world. Do not be fooled by the glamour as the modelling universe demands hard work by all.

how to get into the modelling industry

Where to begin?

Your first step will be to decide which niche you wish to enter. Be realistic! Most models would love to walk the runway for Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton or Chanel yet are not suitable for the part. It is a harsh reality to face but if you concentrate your efforts on the correct sector you will have more success and experience to offer. Always aim high and if you truly believe high fashion is the route for you, attack with full force as the competition is fierce. If you do fail, at least you know you have tried and can move onto commercial modelling. To survive and enter the industry it is important to learn how to deal with rejection from the start. Do not take it personally or let it stop you achieving your dream.

how to get into the modelling industry

Find an agency

Once you have evaluated the different niches and your options, it is time to locate a suitable, trustworthy agency. Research a variety of companies to uncover which are reliable and appeal to you. There are many agencies that specialise in different niches so make sure that you are approaching the correct one. Once your list is complete ensure that you look at the application process and follow their specifications exactly. If you make a mistake or go against their wishes it will not be received well. Agencies are inundated with applications and the smallest error will go against you. Take time to fill out the application to a high standard and do not hit send until you are completely happy.

how to get into the modelling industry


The images that you send to the agency are required to be professional and of high quality. Whether the establishment prefers portfolio images or head/body shots ensure that the photography is to an excellent standard. These shots are the tool to your success and the first impression that a future employer will see. Do not send amateur images as this will go against you. It might seem expensive to capture suitable shots yet it is an investment to your future. Once you have a set of images to use that show your capabilities you can use these to apply to a variety of opportunities. Take the time to reach that standard as you will benefit from this further down the line.

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