FAQ’s For Parents On Child Modeling

  • Esther O'Leary

All kids are cute, but if you are wondering if your child has that special something to become a child model then you will want to make sure you know all about the industry. After all, it’s not just your child who will be involved in modelling. As a parent or guardian your participation is not just a legal requirement, it is also crucial to help ensure your child enjoys their time in front of the camera at a photoshoot.

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Here are our answers to some common questions asked by parents of child models:

Does My Child Have Potential?

Becoming a successful child model often requires more than just a pretty face. Depending on their age, your child will also need to have a bubbly personality and demonstrate that they can follow instruction well at a  photoshoot. They are likely to be working with adults and children they don’t know so being able to interact well with strangers is an advantage. A well supported confident, happy child should usually cope well with the demands of modelling work.


How Do I Find a Reputable Agent?

UK Models can help you find good quality child modelling agencies and help answer your questions about the industry. We can also give you a good idea of what a child model agency will expect of you and your little one.

Modelling agencies that specialise in child modelling will help your kid find work in the industry. You can look online to find child modelling agencies. However, make sure that they are reputable and trustworthy before signing a contract.

Will I Have to Take Photographs of My Child?

Initially you will need a selection of professional photos that show your child’s facial features clearly and captures a sense of his or her personality. UK Models can help you create a collection of natural images suitable for sending to agencies and casting directors. However, we would not recommend investing in a professional portfolio for baby models and children aged 3 years and under due to the rapid growth and changes in this age group.


What Is a Casting?

Modelling agencies and their clients will often hold castings to audition models. These will usually take place at their offices or a professional studio and can involve lots of waiting around. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to bring books, toys or your iPad to entertain your son or daughter. The agent or client may want to take head shots of your child. This should not happen without your consent and supervision.

To carve a modelling career for your little one, castings are a part of the process. It may feel daunting at first yet over time you and your child will get used to the process. Big brands such as John Lewis, Mothercare, Gap Kids and even Burberry hold castings to find child models for their promotional material. It is the perfect way to gauge a child’s suitability for the modelling job.

What Kind of Modelling Work Will My Child Do?

There are a wide range of opportunities for children with common assignments including catalogue, internet and brochure campaigns as well as TV ads and TV commercials. A lot of the work is seasonal with summer, autumn and Christmas campaigns being shot well in advance. Big brands are super organised with promotional material planned a season ahead. The modelling jobs are quite varied with many being held in big cities such as London and Manchester. Therefore, if you live in the beautiful mountains of Wales for example, you will have to travel excessively or have a base nearer the city.


How Much Will My Child Earn?

Regardless of age, there are lots of factors that determine a model’s earning potential. Some children may earn a few hundred pounds a year whilst others will receive more regular assignments and earn more. It is not a profession with regular income and hours. However, whilst you should expect for your child to be paid for their work, money should not be your main motivation. Child modelling offers an opportunity for you and your child to have fun together and capture images of them as a keepsake of their childhood. That is priceless. At this young age, it is wise to view it as a hobby rather than a job.

What About School Life?

Modelling assignments can be held at any time of year so it is likely that your child may have to miss time from school. In order to take your child out of education to attend castings and jobs you will need to obtain a licence from your local council so that the school can permit the absence. UK Models can help you understand the paperwork required for your child.

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