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Earn Extra Cash as a Model

  • Amy Bebbington

Earning extra cash whilst carving a successful modelling career is essential for aspiring hopefuls. Certainly to begin with individuals will not be able to survive on the income received from modelling contracts and therefore will have to turn to other jobs to earn extra money.

The modelling industry does not offer security and a regular set working pattern like other professions. It works by its own hours and demands models to be flexible and to juggle various side hustles. High profile models except jobs outside of their modelling professions such as presenting on TV shows, journalism, blogging, babysitting, dog walking and fashion designing to name a few. For example, Cara Delevingne is a contributing writer for Vogue, designs for DKNY and takes the lead role in Paper Towns. Commercial models also take on other roles whilst competing for jobs in the modelling industry that are less high profile yet just as important.

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Become a Blogger

A blogger can make good money if their platform becomes popular especially if their social media game is strong. Influencers can earn a lot of cash too. It is a great way of exploring your love for fashion and a way to make money online. Although, it is hard work to build up your profile to the point where brands will be paying into your bank account for posting to Instagram on your smartphone. You must have a huge amount of followers and have grown a community on the platform. Many begin their blog in their spare time and slowly develop over time. The freelancing lifestyle that this career offers is the perfect way of managing your modelling work.


Start an Etsy or eBay Business

You could also set up an Etsy business if you have the eye for making handcrafted goods. eBay is another great platform for launching a small business. Paypal is a popular way for buyers to pay for their goods so make sure you have an account. Again, the freelancers lifestyle will suit models but to get your business model up and running will take commitment and maybe a large payout to begin with. Many set up their spare room into a studio to develop their ideas. Make up a few samples and do some market research to see how successful your product is with your target audience. Focus groups are the perfect way to get instant feedback.

Rent out a Room

If you’re really lucky and own your own house/flat already, you could rent out your spare room, parking space or whole house on Airbnb if you are away a lot. Do remember it is up to you to be in charge of paying your income tax on time and to know the limits of tax free money.

Try Life Modelling

A life model is also a way of earning extra money and practicing posing. However, you must be comfortable posing nude in a room full of art students staring at you. It’s not for everyone and only agree to it if you are 100% sure. In the art world it is not unusual to model naked yet many are not comfortable taking their clothes off, which is completely understandable. Do be careful of scams, only work for legit art colleges with proper facilities. Never agree to model nude online or over video chat.

Find a Part Time Job


Many models will accept jobs such as a waitress, bar staff, mystery shopper or temp office assistant to earn an extra income and for quick cash. An 18 year old is more likely to have more options due to their age. These types of jobs are usually flexible and for a short period of time allowing for individuals to fit their modelling roles around their other work. Google and Gumtree are the perfect place to start when researching jobs in your area. It is important to act professional at all times to ensure that both jobs – part time work and modelling roles – survive this crucial point in your career.

Do not cancel or fail to turn up for a shift due to a model casting as your employer will not be best pleased upon finding out leaving your team short staffed. Always try to swap a shift as honesty will be perceived better than a web of lies. If you do falsely call in sick and get found out whilst travelling to the casting you may be fired from your steady income or receive a bad reputation. Waitress and bar work allows for individuals to earn more money from tips that are added on to your hourly rate. Great customer service and a hard worker will receive these advantages. Temp office jobs might work on commission also, which again adds more money to your monthly wage.

Online surveys do offer payment for completion yet not very much. You would have to fill in a lot to make enough money. Do be wary of cashback offers as these may not be legit.

Be Organised

It may be wise to ask for your shifts in advance, which you can note down in your diary to remain organised. Ensure that you keep your diary up to date entering each job and the duration to avoid double booking and becoming confused. Without a resource to help you plan your work schedule weekly or even monthly you will look unorganised and not in control of your life. It will make you feel uneasy and uncertain of your itinerary resulting in lack of confidence and maybe turning up at the wrong place and time. It is okay to say ‘no’ to a job if you feel as though you cannot fit the role into your lifestyle. The employer may ask for your availability to see if they can rearrange the date or times to accommodate your schedule. They will respect your honesty rather than trying to squeeze all commitments into one day and delivering your best performance.


Don’t Go Full Time

Do not take on a full time opportunity if you are serious about building a modelling career as you need the flexibility of part time work. It will become frustrating if you consistently cannot attend modelling work due to your commitments. Especially if your asked to travel abroad to somewhere in the United States, for example. If you need more money than one part time opportunity can provide it may be worthwhile asking for more shifts at the existing role or applying for a second job that can eventually be stopped when the modelling work picks up. Applying for a credit card is definitely the wrong decision.

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