Child Modelling North West is a Reality

  • Amy Bebbington

Child modelling North West is a search that parents who live in the region will type. It is a realistic query to enter as many who live in the north of England do not want to relocate their whole family to London to pursue their child’s dream of becoming a model. Luckily, the North West features many large, diverse cities such as Manchester and Liverpool that support the modelling industry. There are in fact, quite a few established child model agencies operating from these cities due to the demand in this British region. Of course, there are not as many that populate the capital but those residing in the northern cities will vouch that the organisations are professional and successful despite their location.

child modelling north west

Before upheaving your family to a new destination it is worthwhile trying out those closer to home. As a parent you will have a huge role to play in your child’s modelling career and therefore, a nearer agency will help you with the expense and commute that could threaten to take over your life. Birmingham is also a possibility with a shorter distance than London and therefore, it is time to explore your options. Research your surrounding area to uncover what opportunities there are to offer nearby. The internet is a great source but also visit the establishments to gain a good feel for their suitability. It is a daunting prospect allowing your daughter or son to enter the industry yet with all the information you will feel much more prepared for the transition. Comfort will also come from supporting a local modelling agency to avoid the busy lifestyle of the capital.


Manchester and Liverpool are vibrant cities that are constantly developing their status in the fashion industry. Smaller cities (in comparison to London) are competing with the big smoke and hosting fashion weeks, designer brands and head offices. The shift in focus allows for the cities to accommodate agencies and allows for the business to grow in the northern cities. Of course, there will still be travelling to commit to with castings and roles being held in various places yet your base will remain without having to move. This is an important point to consider as other children, jobs and house prices need to be seriously thought about. It is unfair to move kids out of schools, sell your house and change your job for a potential model dream. Make use of the facilities nearby and if the time comes for a move to London it will be a considered, careful decision rather than rushed. Take advantage of the entrepreneurs who are fighting for the fashion industry to be existent outside of London and for northern talent to shine in a competitive industry.

child modelling north west

Child modelling north west is a reality that is continually being developed and progressing in cities that welcome creative, forward thinking and moving with the contemporary times. Have you had a positive experience of modelling in the northern region? We would love to hear about your experience to inspire others in a similar situation.

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