Can I Be A Male Model?

  • Amy Bebbington

Can I be a male model is a question asked by many aspiring individuals who are thinking of the future. It is a demanding career path to take yet is open to those who value hard work and persistence. The male modelling industry is constantly changing creating new opportunities for male models on a regular basis. Therefore, if you have the talent, enthusiasm and work ethic you will have the character to take on the modelling world and win! Absorb the following pointers to uncover if you are capable of becoming a male model.

can I be a male model


Depending on the niche that you are aiming for height is vital in becoming a male model. Walking on the catwalk in the high fashion industry demands a tall, strong stature to carry the designs yet the commercial industry may except a slightly smaller height.

Top Tip: Always stand with a strong posture to appear taller than you actually are.


Luckily, the male modelling industry is accepting a variety of different builds with slim frames becoming just as popular as toned, defined physiques. It is important to work to your strengths by maintaining a healthy build that suits your figure.

Top Tip: Sign up to an activity that you enjoy to tone your physique to present your figure at its best.

can I be a male model


The modelling world is extremely fickle resulting in different looks becoming desirable. The high fashion worlds view of talent changes dramatically depending on the trend yet the commercial industry is more steady opting for a natural, accessible look.

Top Tip: Be confident in your looks as experts see potential differently.


The catwalk demands a strong model walk from those participating in the show. Potential models will be asked to perform at castings to view how they deliver their walk. If the strut does not meet expectations then you will not be picked for the show.

Top Tip: Practice your model walk to appear professional and confident in front of the panel.


Strong, confident poses are expected from male models whilst at a photoshoot. Being able to deliver a selection of positions that flatter the male figure and promote the designs well is vital to a models success.

Top Tip: Again, practice poses in the mirror or in front on a friend to impress on the day. Look at magazines such as GQ, Esquire or Mr Porter to research different poses.

can I be a male model


Clients require for male models to be confident and self assured when on a shoot. Meeting and working with new people is a regular occurrence. Models need to be comfortable and relaxed in this situation rather than too timid and shy.

Top Tip: Experience naturally breeds confidence yet avoid becoming arrogant.


A friendly, positive and enthusiastic approach is necessary when working as a model. It is important to not arrive in a bad mood or cause a negative vibe. To guarantee consistent work making a great first impression is vital!

Top Tip: Even if you get up on the wrong side of the bed, it is important to not let the client aware of this.

Can I be a male model is a common question as hopefuls doubt their talent and capabilities. It is a natural reaction yet believe in yourself to make your dream a reality.

Do you have any top tips for the aspiring male models out there? We would love to hear your story.

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