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Can I Become a UK Glamour Model?

  • Amy Bebbington

UK glamour model is a term used for individuals who wish to pursue a modelling career in the glamour niche. Models are based in the UK with the opportunity to travel if the particular role demands. The division is a serious career path for those who are confident and ooze sex appeal. The glamour industry is not for the shy and retiring types as nudity and alluring poses are a regularity in the field. It is important to become aware of how the niche operates and functions before entering the seductive profession.

UK glamour model

To become a successful UK glamour model it is important to be comfortable with nude exposure. Models are expected to wear underwear and pose provocatively in front of a camera and audience. It is highly important to be confident with this requirement as clients will have little patience for awkwardly shy models. Take time to seriously consider if you have the courage to only wear lingerie and move seamlessly into alluring poses. All insecurities have to be suppressed to appear self assured and confident. If you feel uncertain about the prospect of modelling in this way, it may be worthwhile pursuing another niche of modelling that is less invasive and concentrates on showcasing clothing designs such as catalogue modelling.

UK glamour model

The glamour industry is not discriminative of height yet a large bust, slim waist and pert derrière is preferred. Clients are seeking individuals who have a curvaceous yet slim figure to appear desirable to the target audience. It is important that the lingerie enhances the existing female form, which is required to be both slender and curvy. Be realistic with your attributes and consider if your physique suits this specific niche. If you are small chested and tall your athletic build may be suited to catwalk modelling whereas a voluptuous silhouette will thrive in the plus size industry.

UK glamour model

There are many modelling agencies who cater for the glamour niche. Striving to become signed by an establishment that withholds strong links within the industry and a high reputation is extremely beneficial to your success. Agencies will provide job roles through their connections allowing you to gain worthwhile experience and ignite your career. It is important to be cautious when signing to an agency as some organisations are determined to make quick money through exploiting hopefuls. Research thoroughly into the agency to feel certain that the establishment is legitimate and working according to the correct procedures. Never proceed with a company that you are unsure of and seek advice from others if you feel uncertain. Your safety is paramount especially in a situation that involves nude exposure. Ensure that you feel comfortable with all aspects of the role you have agreed to and are aware of where the images will be published. Once your photographs are uploaded online your reputation is at stake so ensure that you know exactly where the shots are to be presented.

If you are confident that the glamour modelling industry is the niche that you wish to pursue then act with caution and integrity. You can easily map out the route that will benefit your career and keep you safe at all times. Find an agency that is well established and reputable to ensure that your safety is taken care of. To uncover more about glamour modelling take a closer look here.

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