The Best Moisturiser For Combination Skin

  • Claire Louise

The best moisturiser for combination skin is an important investment if you want to take your modelling career seriously. Whilst we’re not all blessed with a perfect complexion, having good skin is really important and we can all give ours a little helping hand.



What Is Combination Skin?

Combination skin varies from person to person, but typically it means that some areas of your skin are normal, some are dry, and/or some parts are oily. Some people have a combination of all three types over their face, or perhaps just two. Commonly, the centre of people’s faces (the T Zone) tends to be oily, whilst other areas may be dry. Sometimes people have spots, acne or flaking skin.

What Is The Best Moisturiser For Combination Skin?

First of all, the best moisturiser for combination skin may actually be prescribed, depending on the severity of the issue.

However, there are plenty of different options available on the high street to keep skin looking fresh and supple! This article on the best moisturiser for combination skin by The Independent is fantastic for showing you different options across different budgets. We recommend Simple products (available at Boots) because they’re effective, free from nasty chemicals, and crucially, they’re affordable whilst you’re still in school or uni!

Why Is It Not JUST About The Best Moisturiser For Combination Skin?


Moisturiser can only help you to go so far. In fact, products are not always the key to great skin. Possibly the most important part of keeping your skin looking and feeling great is hydration. Drinking plenty of water will do wonders for your health in general, and your skin will start to reap the benefits (as will your hair, nails and general physique). Eight glasses per day is the recommended minimum!

You should also be making sure to get a balanced diet. The wrong foods will make your skin break out in spots, or generally appear dry. If you’re taking modelling seriously, you should also be making sure to get plenty of sleep, and you should also make sure your make up is properly removed every night before applying your moisturiser. Finally, sun damage is serious business. Whilst a tan might make you look slim and healthy, too much exposure is really bad for your complexion. Make sure you’re wearing a high factor SPF suncream to protect against those UV rays.

What do you find to be the best moisturiser for combination skin? Leave us your recommendations in the comments below!


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