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How to Become a Fitness Model

  • Amy Bebbington

How to enter the fitness modelling industry is a question that is raised regularly by those who possess a strong passion and desire for the athletic niche of the industry. It is essential to embrace an extremely toned, muscular physique to meet the criteria expected. To master a figure of this nature demands dedication, persistence and clearly monitored goals.  The fitness industry is not for the faint hearted as to strive for and maintain a powerful stature requires a great amount of motivation and endurance.

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Hire a Professional

Many hire a professional personal trainer to provide encouragement and advice. Experts in the field can provide the necessary support and guidance to form a muscular body type. Be truthful and realistic with the fitness goals you aim to achieve to ensure that the trainer is aware and will be able to arrange a workout plan that will benefit your dream physique and body weight.

Ensure that you embrace the exercise program as not adhering to the schedule  will not work in your favour, which will eventually lead to disappointment. Your fitness journey is by no means easy. Sticking to the schedule to produce a good shape takes commitment, dedication and passion. When reaching your end fitness goal it is important to maintain the muscular physique desired in the industry to consistently secure opportunities that will benefit your career. When posing at photoshoots you will need to have an understanding of body awareness to show off your physique.


The Fitness Model Diet

It is also important to eat a nutritious diet to compliment your intense workout. A personal trainer will be an expert on the types of food that are beneficial to your body and that can provide stamina when exercising. It is important to feel energetic when completing any workout and when on a shoot.

A revitalised, enthusiastic model will be preferred over a lethargic, sluggish individual who will not perform well on any task they are trying to pursue. Fizzy drinks and sugary foods will provide a rush to begin with that will soon ware off. Yet, nutritious, foods and water will keep you alert for the duration of the workout and shoot.

Fitness Modelling Agencies

Once your physique is in the desired condition there are many agencies who specialise in the niche. It is worthwhile investigating further and uncovering the organisations that will be the most suitable to your needs. Fitness model agencies are experts in their specialism.  They have secured links and connections within the industry that will benefit their model database. From sports brands to fitness magazines, modelling agencies have relationships with the right connections.

It is vital that you research into each establishment to locate the ones that have strong connections that will benefit your career. Analyse their existing model database to review whether you fit harmoniously or offer a unique look that you believe will be advantageous to their books. Apply to a range of agencies that impress to ensure that you do not limit yourself as hopefully more opportunities will arise.


The above pointers should provide you with the answers of how to become a male or female fitness model. The strength, self-motivation and passion for the industry combined together will enable you to possess the correct attributes to succeed within a competitive field. Ensure that the agency you choose will provide you with the connections, links and modelling jobs you need to ignite your fitness modelling career.

Fitness Instagram Accounts

Social media is the perfect platform for athletic models to document their fitness regime. Whether this is a sponsored post for a brand or simply a workout clip, each shows their hard work and dedication to their profession. A lot of models use their social media profiles, Instagram in particular. It is the perfect visual tool to showcase their good physique.

Sports brands in the fitness modelling industry look to social media to find models with a high following. They collaborate together sending sportswear to the model with the agreement that they will post to Instagram wearing the pieces. The model will usually be paid for this service. Also, the brands sales will increase with fans wanting to dress the same. When hired by a sports label or magazine they will expect you to post the images to Instagram also.

Take a look at how fitness cover model, Rob Riches prepares for a photoshoot.

The Fitness Modeling Salary

There is no set figure as models get paid from job to job. Some may have a longstanding partnership with a sports brand that pays every month with photoshoots and appearances adding to their wage. However, others may just get paid every couple of months when they have secured a role. Modelling can be very sporadic with no set structure to payments. Also, it depends on how successful a model is and the number of times they get booked.

It is important to manage your finances to ensure that you can pay the rent and bills on time. If you are paid a large sum make sure you hold some back as the next cheque may arrive a couple of months later. Do not go on a spending spree, as you will only regret it at a later date.

How to Become a Nike Model

Athletic brands such as Nike and Adidas operate through the correct channels to find their models. It is important to approach an agency that specialises in the fitness industry. They will have strong connections with labels such as these. It is not worth contacting Nike directly as they will most likely not have time to respond. If your request is answered they will advise you to get signed to an agency.

The most productive way is to work on you physique and build muscle whilst you apply to an agency. Nike will have an idea in mind for each campaign when they approach their trusted agencies. Being chosen is down to luck and if you fit the fitness modelling requirements of the brand. Athletic labels are always looking for new fitness models both female and male to front their campaigns. So there is a good chance of you being picked at some point if you are with the right organisation. The people in charge of hiring Nike models will be constantly sourcing the next talent. A height requirement is most likely considered but not essential. A strong stature is important but if a model is muscular and toned in proportion to their frame then they will most likely still be hired.

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