16 Year Old Female Models Are Everywhere

  • Amy Bebbington

16 year old female models launch onto the scene regularly becoming the model of the moment to watch. In a blink of an eye a fresh faced beauty is spotted everywhere you look gracing fashion ads. Sadly, she can vanish in a flash unless she stands the test of time. It is a difficult industry to survive in with fresh new talent arriving everyday. The competition is fierce and a lot of pressure is put on 16 year old female models shoulders. The race is brutal, harsh and stressful and only the toughest survive. Do not be dazzled by the glamour of the magazines the industry is only for the dedicated.

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Roos Abels

The Designers

The dutch fresh faced beauty impressed the fashion world by walking for Prada during Milan Fashion Week aged 14. The demand required special permission from her school and parents due to her young age.

Since, she has secured campaigns with the likes of Gucci and Dior and graced the runway for an estimated 40 shows during AW16; an impressive, mind blowing CV at such a young age when most are deciding what route to steer their lives in next.

The Look

The newest it girl has risen to model fame due to her classic look. Her long dirty blonde locks, even features and flawless skin has stopped industry experts in their tracks. Scouted in Amsterdam by Kim Ackerman, she was immediately signed to Brave, no questions asked.

The Travel

“I’ve just started, so I’m very happy with the things I’ve done. I just love travelling in the most beautiful places and meeting new people backstage and on set.” she explains.

The model of the moment is required to travel extensively to accommodate the designers vision and for prestige fashion weeks; a very exciting lifestyle for a young girl. It is clear she is making the most of every opportunity in front of the camera.

“It’s always an amazing adventure because you never know what the location will be. For the Gucci campaign we worked on the beach, while for the Dior campaign, we were in a studio, but the pictures are both amazing!”

The Education

Even with her new found model status, Abels is required to juggle her studies and successful career. However, she wouldn’t change her position and is enjoying every moment.

Roos Abels is absorbing every moment and simply enjoying all aspects of her new career. She finds rest and comfort by returning home to her small town with her family, which is a great solution to keep her grounded. The whirlwind is exciting, fun and adventurous but it is also extremely important to complete your studies and stay connected with family.

“[I love] that my whole family lives there, and, if I come back after a working trip, it’s nice to live in a small town where we can all reunite. “It has been an amazing time because I got the chance to walk for so many designers. I wish I’d known at the start of my career that you really don’t need to stress about anything; the important thing is just to have fun and be around nice people.” she concludes.

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