London Modelling

Do you already live in the fashion capital that carves successful model careers?

UK Models is easy to get to with just a short walk away from Great Portland Street, Oxford Circus, Goodge Street and Regent’s Park tube stations.

UK Models are ready to assess and guide you into the world of modelling.

Don’t look any further.

Thanks to ten years of industry experience and a reliable team of knowledgeable and professional staff, here at UK Models we have earned ourselves the title of the ‘UK’s leading model support service,’ and what’s more, we’re right on your doorstep in London.

Let the experts guide you.

London offers a wealth of modelling opportunities, from catalogue, commercial work and real modelling through to fitness, classic, beauty and high-end fashion. Although you may not know which market’s best for you right now, UK Models will work with you to establish the one that will help you to reach your full modelling potential.

Whether you are male or female, a teenager, adult or you are looking for modelling opportunities in London for your son or daughter, UK Models aim to guide and advise you through the all important first steps.

Simply register online.

By providing us with a few basic details via our online registration form, we can begin the process of helping you to become a London based model. The form requires your name, email address and phone number so that we can contact you as soon as we’ve assessed your registration, plus your age and a recent photograph so that we can get an idea of your look and modelling suitability for the industry. We recommend sending a headshot so that we can get a really good idea of what you look like.

We will contact successful candidates.

After receiving your application, one of our London based professionals from the New Faces team will contact you if we believe you have the fundamental qualities for becoming a model. Knowing that agencies are continuously on the lookout for fresh talent we are open to all different face shapes, skin colours and hair types, particularly if you have that quirky London look.

The assessment day invitation.

We will invite you to one of our assessment days held in London, Great Portland Street, where you will be given the chance to work with our professional team of photographers, stylists and make-up artists by participating in a studio photo shoot. This opportunity will not only give you a taster of what can be expected when undertaking paid work, it will allow UK Models to assess your modelling skill set.

The commute.

We all know that travelling across London can be long especially in rush hour. Whether you choose to walk or use the tube or bus service depending on your location always plan ahead to avoid being late. Although you live in London, the journey to the Great Portland Street studio needs to be planned in advance especially if you are unfamiliar with the route.

Build a professional portfolio.

Having completed your photo shoot experience in London, UK Models will then work with you to build a professional working portfolio. We can help you with this in a few ways; by providing you with a physical, printed portfolio of ten airbrushed images or by giving you your ten images on a disk, thus allowing you to print out as many copies in the future as you deem necessary.

Either option you decide on is fine, but we must remind you that in order to become a successful London model, you must have a visual portfolio that potential agencies and clients can look through. Ultimately this will work as your CV.

The options.

To give you the best possible chance of standing out when approaching agencies and new projects, we can also provide you with the latest means of portfolio; a Z card or an efolio.

A Z card acts quite like a business card however it includes your statistics and a set of small photographs, great for giving out in the city when you meet new people and prospective colleagues.

The efolio is your very own website dedicated to your modelling career so that companies can log on and check out your look, style and information whenever they please.

Finding work. Good Luck!

Although we cannot guarantee modelling work for you in London or around the country, the process of inviting you down to a modelling assessment day in our Great Portland Street studio will allow us to help you as much as we possibly can. We will not only be able to create a professional portfolio for you, we will be able to pick up on your weak points and strengthen them, share our twelve years of experience with you and answer any questions about the industry that you may have.