UK Models Outfit Guideline

  • Esther O'Leary

Congratulations on being booked in for your UK Models assessment shoot.

Few important things to remember for the day

On the day of the shoot, we will want to create different looks. As such, we would ask you to bring a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 7 different outfits with you on the day of your shoot, so we have as much variety as possible.

To give you some ideas, it would be a good idea to bring something casual (high street fashion), also something smart to contrast (maybe something you would wear to a nice occasion).

You could also bring anything cultural to show your versatility or something seasonal (spring/summer looks and autumn/winter looks) is good, also a mixture of colours and variation.

Try to make each outfit as different from the last, so your final portfolio has a lot of variation.

Accessories are entirely welcome, this will show your creativity and also jazz your outfits up so, for example, you could bring scarves/hats/bags/jewellery, and with footwear, you can bring flat shoes/trainers/boots/loafers/sandals etc.

We would recommend the outfits should be something age appropriate as agencies and casting directories want to see an aspiring model for their actual age.


As you will have a Hair & Makeup Artist on the day, please remember to have clean/freshly washed hair with no hair products like hairspray/gel in, and no makeup on as the team in the studio will take care of this for you.

Finally, best of luck for the day. Have a great shoot!

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Posted by Esther O'Leary

Esther has over 6 years experience of supporting aspiring models to break in to the industry safely and effectively. She is head of a professional support team who guide and support individuals who show model potential until they are signed to a professional agency or confidently freelancing.