Modelling New Year’s Resolutions

  • Freya Hill

Do you set New Year’s resolutions? If you do, how many did you meet last year?

We’re serious about reaching goals and moving forward here at UK Models – we’re already writing ours down for 2014 – so if you want to make this the first year you’ve made resolutions or you want some inspiration for your own annual list, we’re here to share the most important ones to us.

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  1.     Get your portfolio up to scratch – Portfolios aren’t compulsory in the industry but boy do they help models out. However, having an out of date portfolio can do more harm than good; it will look like you’re out of touch with your career, not getting any experience/work or taking your modelling seriously. Make it your New Year’s resolution to make a portfolio if you haven’t already got one (we can help you out with that, log onto our website for more info) or to add more professional photos to the one you already have. Don’t feeling rude chasing up photographers and magazines that you’ve worked with – it’s all part and parcel of the industry!
  2.     Gain more experience – A great model thrives on experience. If you’re not practicing your posing regularly or working with professionals frequently you will soon lose touch (and this will show in your pictures). To improve at anything or to pick up a skill in the first place you must practice it everyday, so make this year the year you throw yourself full throttle into your career. And remember, agencies love a model that’s passionate about gaining experience.
  3.     Network more! – Get yourself some Z Cards (Z Cards are the model equivalent to business cards – log onto our website if you’re interested in getting some) and get sharing! Whether you’re working at a photo shoot and you like the photographer/make-up artist/stylist and want to work with them again or you want to leave a professional card with an agent after meeting them, your Z Card will come in handy for sharing your name, details and skills. Remember that the more people you talk and network with, the more you are spreading your name and opening up doors for your career.
  4.     Use your social media accounts to their full advantage – How many times did you tweet last year? Zero? Sort it out! By creating an online presence you are not only proving that you’re a working model, you’re increasing your online presence, something that’s really sought after in this modern world. It’s also a great way of advertising what you’re up to – next time you’re on set, get snapping and upload your pics to Instagram.
  5.     Moisturise – Boys, we’re talking to you too. We all need to moisturise, whether we spend most of our day inside experiencing dry skin caused by central heating or we’re travelling around the city exposing ourselves to cold chills, and our skin needs to be taken care of. Buy a moisturiser before the New Year (or ask for one on your Christmas list, we’ve listed our favourites on the UK Models blog) and set yourself the daily challenge of moisturising every morning or night.
  6.     Wear less make-up – Aimed more towards our female following, this may sound like a horrible thing to do but wearing less make-up will do wonders for your skin, especially as your career begins to take off and you’re made to wear heavy make-up on set. For your skin’s health and your personal confidence, try wearing less make-up come January, whether you go for two make-up free days a week or only wear blusher and mascara every day opposed to a full face of foundation.

And they are our resolutions! What others are on your list that we’ve not included?

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Posted by Freya Hill

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