Vogue Models Explained

  • Amy Bebbington

Vogue models are the front runners of the fashion world. The top dogs of the Instagram game. That’s right. To land a gig with Vogue you must be mixing with the likes of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid with a following to match. It is no easy feat securing a role with an elite publication with a reputation that spans across the globe. The competition is fierce in a cut throat Vogue world.

Top models featured in the editorial publication or online platform showcase a stylistic, contemporary look. The insta-models of the moment are chosen for their popularity and talent. A high social media presence is definitely an advantage to gain an even wider exposure for the publication. All supermodels strive to reach the cover of such an elite, internationally recognised magazine with a strong heritage. It is a proud achievement for models to land a role of this calibre and becomes a milestone for many aspiring hopefuls.


It is the ultimate fashion magazine with a long history successfully evolving in a contemporary society. Effortlessly moving into digital format has not dented their reputation of styling and inspiring across the globe. That’s right! Vogue has a presence all over the world with France, Japan and Thailand all having their own edition; the list is endless. Keeping tabs on the latest news from the insta-model gang, Vogue becomes the go to hub for seeking out supermodels whereabouts, latest campaigns and newest faces.

As you can imagine, the competition is ruthless with the editors only choosing the model that is 100% right for the particular shoot. Either a supermodel, celebrity or quirky new talent – usually not for the cover – is selected to feature in the monthly mag and the pressure is on to deliver. It is a cut throat industry! Vogue would prefer to redo a photoshoot than run with a mediocre image. Their reputation is on the line and only the best will survive. Emerging models with unique talent may be hired for an editorial piece but the cover shot will be given to a well known insta-girl or celebrity to boost sales. Vogue follows the modelling world closely becoming acquainted with the new faces on the catwalk scene instantly. No potential passes by without a thorough Vogue check – their talent radar is spot on!


Vogue models are experts in their field and will not succumb to the pressure that surrounds such a publication. It is an honour to be given the opportunity and all models will work exceptional hard to deliver on the day. A tremendous amount of thought, preparation and creativity is put into these photoshoots. Therefore, high standards are expected from the industry professionals. Do not believe the common misconception that modelling is easy as publications like Vogue demand hard work from their models. Long days, early starts and sticking to a tight schedule is all part of the day at Vogue.

Would you love to be a Vogue model? You better start working on your Instagram account!

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