Toddler Modelling for Next

  • Amy Bebbington

Toddler modelling for Next is a role that many parents would love for their infant. The retail giant is recognised internationally for their creative designs that run through all departments. It would be the ultimate honour for their child to feature in the toddler campaign yet many are unsure of how to approach the idea. It is not as simple as visiting a store and presenting your child as the store managers and assistants are not responsible for shooting the campaign image just simply executing the shop display. Even ringing their Head Office will be a long shot as high street stores usually turn to modelling agencies to find strong candidates. Creating relationships with agencies is vital to their success as they are assured that the talent is of a high calibre due to the organisations reputation and previous work.


If you deem your toddler appropriate for modelling it is worthwhile researching agencies that cater for your child’s age. There are establishments that are dedicated to child modelling and will be able to support you with your idea. Whilst researching model agencies note their connections to hopefully be signed to a company that has relationships with high street brands such as Next, M&S and H&M. Your child may not instantly be signed for Next yet experience with competitors documented in their portfolio will be a higher chance of securing a role in the near future. Be persistent yet move with direction as there is a short window of opportunity for toddlers as they grow and develop quickly. Of course, Next and other high street brands do cater for older children also yet will not be included in the toddler umbrella.


It is no easy feat having your toddler modelling for Next as children in this age bracket can be difficult to control. Young infants who are on the cusp of speaking full sentences and acting independently can become very frustrated as they are yet unable to convey their feelings and emotions in a logical, methodical way. Their outlet is to throw themselves to the ground, kicking their legs and screaming from the top of their lungs; an unattractive trait for professionals. Yes, experts in this field will be slightly more tolerable yet will expect for parents to control their child. Assess your infants mood the majority of the time to understand if he/she will be calm enough to sit through a photoshoot at Next. A red, angry or upset face will not sell clothing and therefore, determine if your infant is capable of remaining calm meeting new people and being in front of the spotlight. It may be worth planning ahead before the shoot as a relaxed, happy child is appreciated over a screaming, irritated version. Plan their naps, food and playtime well to ensure that your toddler doesn’t become frustrated in the middle of the shoot. A lot of the work falls upon the parent as the child is obviously unable to communicate and interact. Do you have what it takes???

Does your child model for Next??? Please share your story in the comments below to help others realise their dream…………

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