Next Catalogue Models Are in Demand

  • Amy Bebbington

Next catalogue models are an important part of the high street retailer. They help create a strong identity that relates to their target audience as it is vital to increase sales and promote the British brand.

Many aspiring hopefuls dream of modelling for Next yet are unsure of the correct path. Take a look at our guide to understand how to land a role at Next. We will endeavour to answer all your questions.

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Next: The Brand

Next stores populate the high street with the logo recognised globally. Their online presence and Next Directory catalogue need a vast range of models. The Next Directory is popular amongst customers with a credit account. They have access to tons of inspiration to flick through and purchase. You can pick up your Next Directory at one of their stores all over the world. The Next catalogue includes over 850 pages, which demonstrates the need for models.

Advertising campaigns and catalogue shots create a strong identity within the fashion industry. Therefore, it is important that a particular look and style targets their audience. For example, at Christmas a festive campaign is in store covering all departments. Also, autumn winter material or spring summer campaigns promote the new season.

Next has an international audience delivering all over the world. Your modelling images are on display across the globe. Who knows what opportunities await in these countries.

  • Germany
  • New Zealand
  • Malta
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Estonia
  • Indonesia
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Latvia
  • Lebanon
  • Malaysia
  • Pakistan
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Slovakia
  • Ukraine
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Italy
  • India
  • Netherlands
  • Hong Kong

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How to Become A Next Catalogue Model

Next catalogue models are hired from specialist modelling agencies. The high street retailer truly values their connections within the industry. It is the perfect way to secure high calibre models.  Next has formed a strong working relationship with a select few established agencies. This guarantees reliability and efficiency. So, it is pointless contacting the store or head office with the hope of becoming a Next model. They will tell you to sign to an agency. Some enquires will go unanswered as the giant has many top priorities over replying to a model.

Contacting Modelling Agencies

  • First of all, research model agencies within the United Kingdom. Concentrate on those that work in the catalogue/commercial world.
  • Investigate all agencies in Britain to find the legit organisations.
  • Find out their brand connections. This will provide an understanding of their position in the industry.
  • Contact those that work with brands like Next to gain valuable experience.
  • Find out how to apply to the agency on their website –
  • Follow their instructions exactly. Enter your details and statistics attaching professional images. Some may prefer headshots whereas others favour portfolio images. Only upload high-quality photographs aimed to impress.
  • Keep your options open by applying to many agencies. Limiting yourself to one will lead to disappointment. Rejection is rife in the industry.
  • Be realistic! Modelling for Next Retail will not be the first opportunity offered. Remember this is your end goal that you need to work towards by gaining experience first.
  • Next modelling is not a full-time occupation but most likely a one time opportunity.

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Catalogue Modelling: The Look

Female Modelling: Next catalogue models have an accessible look. They seek even features, natural hair and a slender figure. To attract the correct clientele they target an age range that spans from 25-40. Looking mature beyond your years could work.

Male Modelling: Male catalogue models also have even features. Many have a handsome chiseled jaw line and a toned yet slim physique. Next prefer a fresh clean cut look yet slight facial hair is not frowned upon. It creates a stylised, unkempt look that they can work with.

Child Modelling: Their child division has two age categories. 3mths – 6yrs and 6yrs – 16yrs. So, a wide range of children can find jobs depending of their age and confidence in front of a camera.

Advice For Parents

If you feel as though your child is well suited to modelling contact a child or teenage modelling agency. Consider if your child has the maturity and confidence to deliver at a photoshoot. Expectations are high so clingy, shy children will not be successful. A child model should be independent and enjoy the spotlight of the camera.

Meeting new people should not be an issue if your child is happy, enthusiastic and confident. Of course, as parents you will always be in site. Yet your child will model alone with reassurance from afar. So, irritable, tired or timid children will not be successful in the industry.

The Process of Choosing Next Catalogue Models

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The process operates in an efficient manner. The individual in charge of booking models at Next will contact the agency. They will share the specific requirements needed. The agency will then look at their database to find models that meet the requirements. The contact at Next looks through the profiles (the image and measurements) to make a decision.

Once Next has given approval your agency will contact you with the details. The system has worked for many years and will continue to in this way. Contacting the Chief Executive will not be productive.

The Casting Explained

Congratulations! You have secured a casting. The first step in becoming a Next catalogue model. To ensure that you make a good first impression and arrive on time, plan your route a day ahead. Leave enough time for traffic and delays. Capital cities such as London and Paris are hectic and need for you to plan in advance. You will be glad of your preparation on arrival. Wear a simple outfit such as jeans and t-shirt (unless stated otherwise). Bring a pair of heeled shoes to slip on, on your arrival. Also, leave your hair and make-up as natural as possible to avoid any distraction.

Once at the location, make sure that the organisers are aware of your attendance. Wait until they call your name. Castings involve a lot of waiting around but do not let your frustration show. Once in front of the panel be enthusiastic, happy and positive. Be prepared as you will have to deliver a few poses to prove your potential. Act with confidence to impress and ignore the competition. If you are not successful this time around, there’s always next time. Over the course of their career models attend a lot of castings in the hope of landing roles.

The Pose

next models

Next catalogue poses aim to promote the clothes to the consumer to increase sales. The customer requires to witness how each item fits the body shape before committing to a sale. So, poses are very subtle and natural to create a realistic vision of the designs. Next like poses with a slight turn, bend of the knee and hands in pockets looking into the distance. A nonchalant, classic pose from both female and male models. A make-up artist and hair stylist will create a similar natural look to compliment your poses.

Yet, the children show more character and act their age with a fun, playful brief to adhere to. You’ll find kids laughing, hanging with friends, running or jumping. This visual provides a sense of innocence and fun to the younger generation. Yet, some shots will be more classic depending on the style of clothes and approach Next are looking for.

The Reality

Remember that the Next modelling gig is not a full time role. You may suit the look for that particular shoot yet next time they may be seeking a new vision. The job could be a one time opportunity, a brief that lasts a couple of weeks or a reoccurring role. The modelling industry is very fickle and flexible. So, do not take anything to heart. Make a good impression in the hope that you will make a long-lasting connection. Their turnover is very fast. By offering next day delivery to a huge customer base, new designs are always needed. As a result so are models. In the meantime, keep seeking creative opportunities to gain experience.


Next Competitions

A unique opportunity that Next offers is competitions. Aspiring models could appear in their Next Directory. They advertise their various competitions on their Facebook page.

It is wise to note that although these giveaways are exciting the chances of winning will be slim. So, your efforts should focus on applying to an agency and gaining experience. Your competition entry should sit alongside your hard work.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, if your current goal is to become a Next catalogue model, it is a must to sign to an agency to represent you. Raise your aspirations to your agent and ask if you meet the correct requirements. Contacting Next themselves will not fulfil your dreams. Yet determination and working through the right channels will. Attend castings and gain experience to prove your potential and impress the organisers. Also, preparation, enthusiasm and confidence are a big part of landing your dream role.

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