Modelling For Kids: Considerations

  • Claire Louise

Modelling for kids isn’t an easy career path, especially because most children can’t even sit still for five minutes, let alone hours at a time on a job. However, if you’ve ever felt despair because you know your child is equally as cute as the ones in shop windows, you’re not alone. Each year, modelling agencies are inundated with requests for their kids to join, but there are certain things that you need to understand and consider before you get your child into the scene.

You’ll Need A Portfolio

No agencies or brands doing castings will be able to look at your child if they don’t have a full and professional portfolio. Modelling for kids is no different to adult modelling in this respect.

At UK Models, we can help you to create one of these in one of our professional studios. There are of course other ways to do this, but we can give advice and create a package for you and your child to suit your needs.

You Need To Ensure Your Child Is Happy

When it comes to modelling for kids, a lot of parents get carried away and forget that this isn’t for them. They live vicariously through their child, regardless of what their child wants or feels. With the exception of baby modelling, modelling for kids must be undertaken with the full consent of the child involved.


Of course, ultimately you are the parent. You can have the final say in anything they do; but their happiness must come first.

You Have To Understand Your Aims

Do you want to help set your child up for a future career, or do you just want to give them some experience and a hobby? Discuss any aims that you might have with your child, so that they can be clear as well.

Modelling for kids is a great way into an activity that could set them up for life, but for most people, it may only ever be a bit of fun or pocket money.

Plus, remember that modelling for kids doesn’t necessarily mean you’re cut out to try modelling for adults. When they grow up, they might find that they’re no longer sought after, so you should take one step at a time.

You’ll Need To Prepare Your Child For Reality

Unfortunately, modelling for kids can be a path paved with its fair share of rejection! Many people go on to successful careers despite setbacks, but to get there, there may be some bumps in the road.

When adults model, they understand that sometimes things don’t go their way, but a child might feel all kinds of negative emotions. Modelling for kids is sometimes equally cut-throat, but children don’t have the emotional capacity to cope as well.

You should talk to your child and build up their confidence irrespective of what happens.

You’ll Need To Understand The Industry

Do you know your terms, such as your casting from your callbacks? Do you understand the process of applying to agencies and what they’re looking for? Do you understand fees, and what your child is being paid? It’s time to research.

Modelling for kids is a big commitment, and there is loads you need to know. In fact, there’s even more to consider when it comes to modelling for kids, because there are more standards which need to be upheld. For example, did you know that you need to apply for a permit to take your child out of school for a modelling job? There are lots of child labour laws which have to be obeyed.

You Have To Be Your Child’s Biggest Cheerleader… But Also Their Parent.

Believe in your child, and support them however you can. Do your best to stick to promises and not let them down. Help them reach their dreams!


However, do not lead them on to believe things that simply aren’t possible, or allow them to do things you’re not comfortable with. That’s your job as a parent; and if you sometimes have to be the bad guy, then so be it!



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