Travel Tips for Male Models UK

  • Amy Bebbington

Male models UK are inundated with opportunities in catwalk, commercial, catalogue and fitness modelling. There are a vast amount of modelling agencies that specialise in the male gender and a variety of niches throughout the nation. Diverse, vibrant cities that celebrate a large fashion culture such as London, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow cater for the modelling industry with reputable agencies establishing themselves in a competitive field.

The calibre of male modelling talent within the UK is exceptional with no limitations. Jobs may present themselves worldwide if you possess the correct look and style for the role. Travelling is a massive part of a modelling career even if you are working in various cities throughout the England, Scotland or Wales. The early morning and late night train rides are a reality for successful male models. It is vital to be flexible, positive and dedicated to your career to accommodate the profession that you are passionate about.

There are both benefits and challenges that arise when travelling regularly for a living. The prospect of experiencing new cities either within the UK or further afield is exciting and culturally rewarding. Depending on your schedule you may actually experience little of the city yet working in a new environment or wandering around the centre on your lunch break will enable you to familiarise yourself with a place that you may return to at some point within your career. Of course, each specialism within the modelling industry will present different travel opportunities. High end fashion has the money and requirement to travel the world to shoot at an exotic location whereas commercial modelling will be more centred around smaller travel distances within the UK. It is important to realise this fact to avoid disappointment as both opportunities are worthwhile to that niche.

Male Models UK

Always check what transport and accommodation is paid for on behalf of the client. Some organisations may offer to cover your train ticket and hotel (if required) however, others may expect for you to pay the fee. If you are having to travel across London for a role (and you live within the capital) it is highly likely that the cost will be covered by yourself whereas if your destination is in Scotland then you may be offered the expenses. It is important to plan your route ahead to ensure you arrive on time and at the correct location. If a city is new to you research into public transport to ensure that you do not end up travelling in the wrong direction. Pack your necessary documents and essentials the night before to avoid rushing and forgetting a vital item.

Male Models UK

The long working schedules, early starts and travel journeys may leave you feeling exhausted therefore, it is important for you to eat a balanced diet and ensure that you get enough rest. Sleeping well and consuming nutritious foods will allow for you to feel revitalised and energetic whilst at a shoot. Lack of rest and eating sugary, unhealthy foods will affect your appearance resulting in tired eyes and an outbreak of spots. It is important to maintain a positive attitude and healthy appearance as a male model UK to ensure that you enjoy each experience and travelling to destinations.

Succeeding as a male model in the UK is hard work as the industry is competitive and each hopeful is constantly striving to succeed. The lifestyle is extremely fast pace and consists of a lot of travel even if the within the UK or one city. It is important to be dedicated to your chosen profession and remain healthy to feel energised and committed to your ultimate goal.

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