Male Model Jobs Explained

  • Amy Bebbington

Male model jobs are sought after by hopefuls wishing to be successful in the fashion industry. There are a variety of jobs to choose from yet in a competitive world opportunities are difficult to secure. It takes hard work, commitment and dedication to continually find male model jobs and therefore, demands only the passionate of natures. The modelling industry is a lot more difficult than first appears and should be tackled with gusto and enthusiasm. It is important to not let rejection and negativity hold you back from grabbing each opportunity and living your dream.

Are you unsure of the types of male model jobs available? Take a look at the different opportunities on offer for the male gender.


Top designers such as Burberry, Christopher Raeburn and YMC all deliver a showcase to promote their latest vision. The fashion show requires male models to demonstrate how the look works together on the male physique. During the London Collections Men, a lot of models are hired to make the event a success.


The likes of Esquire and GQ may hold photoshoots to inspire fashion connoisseurs. Male models are required to pose in a studio or location to provide a professional and stylish result. The organisers will scout a model who enhances their vision and can deliver the winning shots for the magazine.



Each season designers will launch a new collection, which is fronted by campaign ads. Those who cater for a male audience will hire guys to promote their newest line. Again, a specific look and type of model will be sought after to create the desired overall aesthetic. The male model will be expected to follow orders and pose with confidence.


Within the commercial sector it is competitive but on a lower scale than high fashion. You may be asked to model for a brand to pose for product shots or campaign shots for high street or independent labels. The vision is more conservative with a natural, relaxed concept as the target market is more accessible.


For both online and printed formats, male models are required to promote the clothing and products. Simple shots are needed to show how the designs fit on the body or how the product works; a technique to increase sales. Mostly the images are shot in a studio against a white background yet some do opt for a location shoot.

male model jobs


The fitness industry demands male models who have a muscular, highly toned physique to promote sporting equipment, clothing and gyms. Poses that showcase bulging biceps or a toned six pack are desired to be considered for roles like these. It is important that male fitness models sculpt a physique through safe exercise routines.

Are there any other male model jobs that I haven’t covered? Please comment below with suggestions and advice for other models who are embarking on their journey into the industry.

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