How to Get into Male Modelling Safely

  • Amy Bebbington

How to get into male modelling is wondered by many who look to editorial campaigns and catwalks in awe. Hopefuls seek inspiration from the likes of GQ Magazine, Esquire Magazine and Mr Porter. The fashion world is a tricky industry to navigate with predators taking advantage of young, innocent minds. Those who are drawn to the excitement and glamour should remember to act sensibly and maturely.

It is a common misconception that male models are not at risk in comparison to female models. However, it has emerged that teen male models are being sexually exploited and taken advantage of. A fact that is going unnoticed due to the concept that boys can look after themselves. Of course, there are many legit, reputable establishments and designers working in the industry. However, when trying to make it as a model, it is important to watch out for the below signs that could be lurking.

How to Get into Male Modelling

Sexual Advances

Claims of inappropriate gestures, comments and directions are being aimed towards innocent male models. A slap of the bum, being asked to strip to underwear or less for no reason and invitations of sexual acts are not uncommon in the fashion industry. These advances are swept away as banter and not seen as inappropriate due to gender. However, this is sexual exploitation. If you feel uncomfortable and do not want to strip then please do not feel the pressure to do so. Designers, photographers and organisers should not act in this way and those that do are preying on your innocence and eagerness to make it as a model.

How to Get into Male Modelling

No Pay

Many male models are not well paid at all with experts relying on the fact that teens will not speak up in fear of loosing the job. Some are expected to work 18 hour days at castings with very little rewards at the end of it. There is a huge difference between voluntary work and signing a contract that is conning you out of money. Many models accept this unfair arrangement to be thrust in the limelight and do not want to loose the opportunity. Do not sign a contract out of sheer joy for landing a modelling gig but read the document and be realistic.


The look of the moment is the waif thin, androgynous look, which is causing young models to slim down to a dangerous size. Hopefuls are trying to compete with naturally slim guys and female models who can pull off the unisex look. The diet that some models are implementing daily is worrying and the pressure to reach the weight is unfair with models being asked to lose inches and receiving ‘fat’ comments. Do not take on a diet that is unhealthy and dangerous as you will be unhappy and could end up seriously ill.

How to Get into Male Modelling


The idea of travelling with the job is exciting and adventurous yet the reality for some is being alone in a hotel room with very little money. The temptation leads innocent minds to corners of the world with no back up or help, which can be very lonely and dangerous. Ensure that you completely understand the contract prior to signing to avoid a mistake. Travelling when organised correctly is a perk of the job and can benefit male models in lots of ways yet act sensibly finding out all the facts first.

How to get into male modelling safely is an essential question when starting out. Eagerness and desperation to make it can easily take over yet do not let these emotions get the better of you. Act with caution, seek advice and be wise before signing any contract.

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